tita's kitchenette

Tita's is a filipino cafeteria-style restauraunt in National City. I've never been a big fan of filipino cuisine. As much as I respect the "eat every part of the animal" aspect of the culture, I am a spoiled white guy who gets grossed out kind of easy. I admit that doesn't make much sense. Like, why is it any less gross to eat the muscles and fat of a cow than to eat the head and liver (sisig)? It's not. It's all gross if you think about it. Which is why I choose not to think about it.

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, Tita's. Fortunately for the unadventerous gringo like me, they have meat on a stick. In this case, they have BBQ Chicken and BBQ pork skewers. Both had really good char on the outside, while staying relatively tender inside. Two skewers and some rice set you back $7, which is a really good deal. I had no problem with the food, but I was also not in a state of euphoria like a lot of Yelpers. The actual restaurant was another story. The tables are set up in a haphazard manner, and mine was so unbalanced that I feel like I pulled off a minor miracle of physics in being able to eat without my food ending up on the floor. Plus, trying to cut meat with flimsy plastic knives in a styrofoam shell was a challenge, especially on a wobbly table. Also, my table was kind of near the bathroom, and the bathroom had a god-awful odor coming from it. Finally, I was getting a real Soup Nazi vibe from the employees. Sorry for asking about lumpia! I assumed a filipino place would have plenty of lumpia. No need for the attitude.

The line in Tita's is crazy, and people do not stop showing up (it was about 1:30 pm when I went). They must be making decent money. It would be nice if some of it went back into the restaurant. I'm sure people would say the the funk and/or funkiness give Tita's a bit of charm in this corprate, oversanitized world. But I don't think non-wobbly tables and a clean bathroom equal selling out. 

Good food. Cheap. Just order it to go and you'll be happy.
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