am i a bad person for supporting the right of the westboro baptist church to protest?

So Arizona is trying to pass a law that seems to be specifically aimed at the Westboro Baptist Church.

Yeah, protesting any funeral is in unbelievably poor taste, and the members of Westboro Baptist Church are evil publicity hounds who deserve nothing but utter contempt, but they are still protected by the Constitution, right?

I've always believed the game was: find the slimiest, most evil LAW ABIDING citizen among us, and then give him the exact same rights as you yourself have. Except when feelings are hurt, apparently.

It's kind of disgusting that the State of Arizona would fight so hard for the most liberal, permissive definition of the Second Amendment while simultaneously eroding the First.

Dear Arizona, howz 'bout passing some laws that might prevent these kinds of funerals in the first place?

Worst. State. Ever. 
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