play at your own risk, vol 2 (1995 recess) [#propagandhi]

Due to real life concerns, posting has been light of late, so I thought I'd make it up to you with something special. Recess was without a doubt my favorite label of the 90's, and this box set shows why. A lot of fun, a lot of fuck you's, a lot of hooks, and not a lot of production. Fucking perfect. That Annie & Candy Clutz tune is tits.

I didn't see this anywhere else online (Volume 1 is available at this cool website. Thanks, you handsome devil!), and I will consider it a failure if this doesn't become the most downloaded thing I've ever posted (the leader, btw, is Dillinger Four "Girlfriends/Bubblegum" with 345).

Also, go buy some shit at Recess Records. Todd's been doing God's work for two decades now.

So, we cool?

  1. Quincy Punx - Roadkill
  2. Crumbs - I Think I Got The Blues
  3. Black Fork - Riviera Foom Style Now
  4. Annie & Candy Clutz - Abortion
  5. Second Hand - Graduation
  6. Pud - Breakout
  7. Slackers - I Don't Care 
  8. Chickenhead - Ruin Yr Day
  9. Les Turds - Shithole
  10. Teamsters - I'm A Criminal
  11. Propagandhi - Portage La Prairie
  12. I Spy - When We Grow Up

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