porkyland II

My first few visits to Porkyland did not go well. They managed to butch the concept of burritos and nachos. But since those are gringo concoctions to begin with, I gave Porkyland one more chance and went to the staple dish: tacos.

I'm glad I did. The tacos were pretty damn good. I ordered a chipotle chicken (left), pastor (center), and carnitas (right). The inclusion of lettuce on the chicken taco had me a little concerned. Once I removed most of it, though, the taco was really good. The carnitas was even better. Not a surprise since carnitas are Porkyland's claim to fame. What was surprising was that the pastor was the best of all. Best pastor I've had since La Fachada.

Porkyland also scored on two of the three hot sauces. The mild (right) I didn't care for, but I usually do not like mild salsas anyways. The verde (center, duh) was a bit odd, but in a good way. And the hot (left) was really, really good. 

So bottom line, go to Porkyland, but STICK TO THE TACOS!
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