yo hablo comp 7" (1996 lengua armada discos)

Excellent comp put out by the fabulous Lengua Armada. No Los Crudos here, but that's aight, cuz it still smokes.

  1. Copout - Haitian Expeditionary Force
  2. Animal Farm - Our Enemy
  3. Arma Contra Arma - Huevos Hinchados
  4. Haymarket - Slap Happy
  5. Jara - One Minute Spot
  6. Assfactor 4 - Boy Cult Seavers
  7. Spitboy - Wizened


unforeseen disasters comp (1994 passive fist records)

Some good old Southern punk, hardcore, ska, whatever. Most of these bands are from Georgia, but there is some Carolina representation as well. Hard to believe I couldn't find a ripped copy of this online. Though, admittedlym I dodn't look very hard. Get this for the Quadiliacha, Blownapart Bastards, and El Toro tracks. Everything else is gravy.
  1. In/Humanity - Operation Happy Meal
  2. Quadiliacha - Frankly Scarlet
  3. Initial State - Die Silent
  4. Damad - In The Air
  5. Blownapart Bastards - Null Set
  6. El Toro - Peter And The Wolf


sweet diesel - morning breath ep (1995 engine records)

IMHO, Sweet Diesel were THE most overlooked band of the 90's NYC scene. Their style was not neatly categorized, but man, these guys just pummeled away. Morning Breath remains one of my favorite songs to this day. They also put out a couple of brilliant albums (The Kids Are Dead [which you can get for 1 fucking cent], which got pulled because of the title and cover art shortly after a maniac in Europe shot up a school, and Wrongville [also 1 cent]), and then I don't really know what happened to them.

  1. Morning Breath
  2. The Old New Song

happy st. patrick costello day!

Patron saint of Awesome.


how can it racist if you don't even know the person?

I'm sure the next few months of her life will be going very smoothly.

And I take it offensively on behalf of political science majors nationwide.


birthers: an endless source of comedy

Tennessee state Senator Mae Beavers, if that is her real name, introduced a bill pertaining to Presidential candidates.
Host: What are the specific requirements in the bill?
Sen. Mae Beavers: That they have to have the long form birth certificate.
Host: What is the long form birth certificate?
Sen. Mae Beavers: Now, you’re asking me to get into a lot of things that I haven’t really looked into yet.


pho superbowl (la mesa)

I like pho, but I'm not Anthony Bourdain. I don't eat enough of it to really know what seperates "good" pho from "bad pho". Everything I've had has tasted pretty much the same - pretty damn good. That goes for Pho Superbowl in La Mesa. Someone's going to have to recommend a place that does things a little different, so I can get a feel for what's out there.

scooby don't / boris the sprinkler split ep (1995 just add water records)

Great little 7" here. Scooby Don't do a liitle ode to Lenny Kravitz, which was probably one of the most played songs on my old radio show (that little double snare thing towards the end gets me every time), while Boris The Sprinkler plays it safe with a Gen X cover, which they do very well.

Previous Scooby Don't found here.

Previous Boris stuff found here, here, here, here, here, and here.

  1. SD - (Somebody Please Kill) Lenny Kravitz
  2. BTS - Ready Steady Go [Generation X]