the countdown to the end of the world begins

World destruction would almost a relief considering the stress of 2011, except that 2011 brought me this cute bundle of t-r-o-u-b-l-e.


hardcore mixtape

This is really frigging cool.

Hardcore or die from Radio Soulwax on Vimeo.

what's up with the fruit panties...you hating on me?

you're never gonna be ok

In the CD/mp3 age, whenever I listen to an album, I always seem to focus on the first few songs. By the time I get to the second half of the record, I'm listening about half as closely as I was at first. It creates the opportunity for great songs to be "lost" on the second half of a record. This is partly the fault of CD's and mp3 playlists that don't need to be "flipped" (the concept of "sides" might be the worst thing about the demise of vinyl and tapes, and may be partly behind the revival of both). So sometimes it's not until much, much later, that I realize one of those "lost" songs is actually one of the highlights of the album. I mention this because of track 9 of 12 on In Desolation.

Yes, I've posted this before, but dammit this is a great song.


team android for life

Apple Hits Google in Patent Ruling:
Apple 1, Google 0. A federal trade agency ruled Monday that HTC infringed on an Apple patent that allows users to place calls by tapping phone numbers that appear in emails or text messages. The “data tapping” case is a narrow victory for Apple, but it’s the first definitive ruling in the smartphone patent wars—and may be the first of many Apple victories against the Google-crafted Android platform. Apple maintained its original stance against Android in a statement: “We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours.”
This is ridiculous. Tapping a phone number on a text message or website to call it belongs to Apple? What a completely unique and totally justified copyright concept! Seriously, what asshats. Exactly why I can't stand Apple. Reminds me of "Aging Orange" by the Vandals, "I invented socks, and I invented gravy, I made up the cotton gin, but no one ever paid me"


curl up into a ball keep saying it ain't on

Toys That Kill. "The White Lies". Soda Bar. San Diego. 11-09-10.

Last one of the night!

we don't talk much but the sex is great

Toys That Kill, "Runnin' The Front" + "They Tied Up All Our Lace" Soda Bar, San Diego, 11/9/2010.

my rabbit's foot was their hors d'ouevre

Toys That Kill. "Bomb Sniffin' Dogs". Soda Bar. San Diego. 11/9/2010.

where the scream mutes the sound

Toys That Kill doing Amphetamine Street at Soda Bar (San Diego) on November 9, 2010.

Cleaning out my SD cards. So expect a lot more of this.


and we thought nation-states were a bad idea

Gingrich: Palestinians Are ‘Invented’ People:

“I believe that the Jewish people have a right to have a state. And I believe the commitments that were made at the time—remember there was no Palestinian state. It was part of the Ottoman Empire. And I think we’ve had an invented Palestinian people, who are in fact Arabs, and were historically part of the Arab community.”

I'm not sure what Newt's point is, or why it would be an argument against statehood. Technically, I guess you could argue he is correct. What I don't think he would agree with, even though it is absolutely true and uses the same logic he applies to Palestinians, is that "Americans" are also an "invented" people. There was no "United States". It was part of the British Empire. American people, who were in fact Caucasians, were historically part of the European community.

Other "invented" people? Oh, almost every single nationality on Earth.



Now that I have a kid, I think I've watched more kid's TV shows this year than I did when I was a kid. At first, she responded to Spongebob, which I must admit I rather enjoy. She got bored with that, and now it's Dora The Explorer. Oh, it's the worst. First of all, it apparently treats kids like they have, not a developing brain, but no brain at all. For example, Dora will be on some quest that involves, let's say, a red box. At some point Dora will ask the kids at home, "Can you find the red box?" and it looks something like this:
Thanks to Wifey for artistic guidance.
What kid on Earth understands what Dora is saying but can't find the box? IT'S RIGHT THERE! THE HUGE THING TAKING UP HALF THE SCREEN!  I don't seem to remember the shows I watched treating me like such an idiot. I guess we'll see in a few years when I buy Finn some Electric Company and Muppets DVDs. Secondly, it has a not-so-secret plan to indoctonate kids by teaching then Spanish. This is the first step in the Reconquista. This is America! Speak American! Ok, for reals, the Spanish is actually the coolest thing about the show. But I am a little suprised that Republicans haven't tried to boycott the show.

But the worst part of the show is the songs. Holy Christ these stupid flipping songs will get stuck in your head. All day long, "we did it, we did it, we did it, Hooray!" Ay yi yi, I wanted to die.

The only silver lining is that it was that freaking map song.*

Brian Regan - Dora the Explorer
Brian ReganComedianStand-Up

*Wow. "Flipping" and "freaking" in the same blog post. Parenthood sure has fucking changed me.