the slow death at awesomefest 5

Don't know the name of the song. Perhaps it's on the new album?

hate to burst your bubble

But I'm 100% sure this guy saw the get pitted surfer dude and was just waiting for the chance to get some YouTube fame.


The more I see it, the more I'm convinced surfer dude was totally faking it as well. I'm a cynical fuck, I


scared of chaka at awesomefest 5 - complete set

The Scared Of Chaka reunion was one of the main reasons I bought my Awesome Fest tickets. I was gonna record a song or two, then thought fuck it, who knows if this is ever going to happen again. So I taped the whole thing.

I maintain that Hutch Brown Sanygwich was one of the greatest records of the 90's, so I was a little bummed not more off that album was played. They also did not play "I Must" or "Straight To The Office", two of my other favorite SOC songs. But it's still a rippin' set.



toys that kill - awesome fest 5

So here's the first video.

I worshipped FYP in college. I drove up to Mount Shasta to see them. But people grow up, and when Todd dismantled FYP and started Toys That Kill, you could hear that maturation immediately. Just a great band.

awesome fest 5

So, this past weekend was Awesome Fest 5 in San Diego. I've been wanting to go to one of these shin digs for quite awhile now, but like clockwork, I've always had a scheduling conflict. Until this year.

So I took my old ass down to North Park Saturday and Sunday. By Monday, I was a wreck. Felt like I'd been hit by a truck.

Was it because of all the drinking? No, I don't drink.

The drugs? Nope. Caffeine is my only drug.

Oh, ok, it was all that moshing and dancing, right? Nah, those days are long past.

So what did I do to make me feel like this? Two things:

  1. I stood up for a long period of time. 
  2. I stayed out late. 

That's it. This is what my life has come to. Embarrassing. Had a good time though.

I recorded a lot of video, which I will be posting. My camera records awesome sound, but terrible video. Keep that in mind.

Oh, yeah, and I know I'm too old to be doing this shit. But the bands that I mainly went to see: Toys That Kill, The Bananas, Everready (who I missed, FUCK), and Scared Of Chaka, are all as old/older than me. So fuck off.


yah mos - right on (1993 sunney sindecut records)

Spastic Sacramento punk with funk undertones (which were much more apparent live) but not in a lame Red Hot Chili Peppers way. I posted their another EP before.

Like I said before, the core of the band moved to New York and formed !!!. So if you're a hipster dufus, you're welcome.

HOLY SHIT! When I opened the record sleeve, eight Grimple stickers fell out. Score!

Once again, thanks to Pukekos.

  1. Your Best Interest
  2. Refusenik
  3. Letter Bomb
  4. Rent Is Due 
  5. Be Cool