My question:
Problem: I have a Kindle Fire. Love the New Yorker app. I'm migrating to the Nexus 7 tablet and am sad to find out there is no New Yorker app. Are there plans for all us new Nexus 7 fans? Thanks.
The response: 
Dear Subscriber:

The digital edition for The New Yorker is currently available for the
iPad, Kindle Fire, and Nook Color. We hope to be able to offer apps for
other devices in the future.

If you should need further assistance, please be sure to include all
previous e-mail correspondence.

Thank you for contacting The New Yorker.


Well, no shit, Marcy. I hope, in the future, you will be able to as well. That's why I asked the freaking question. In the meantime, I'll continue to bug my wife by constantly "borrowing" the old Kindle Fire I gifted her.
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