usain bolt vs. michael phelps

I was going to write almost this exact thing. So, since it's already been written, I will just repost it here because it is absolutely true. Emphasis mine.

Everybody Agrees That Usain Bolt Is 1 Billion Times The Star That Michael Phelps Is Right?:
So I tweeted this out last night….
“Usain Bolt is 1 billion times the star Michael Phelps is. Fact”
I honestly didn’t even think it was that big of a statement.   It would kind of be like me tweeting that “It will get dark tonight.  Fact”.    Like I honestly didn’t think anybody would debate it.  But apparently there are some knuckleheads out there who think Phelps is a bigger star because he has like 38 medals or something.  Umm how many times do I have to go over this?   He competes in a dumb ass sport where you can win 9,000 medals essentially doing the same thing.   Yes he’s the best swimmer on the planet.   Not the fastest, but the overall best.    Meanwhile Usain Bolt is the fastest motherfucker on the planet.    I don’t care what country you live in, what sport you play, that matters.    If you go ask other pro athletes who they’d want to meet the answer is going to be Usain Bolt 100% of the time.   The reason is because speed is universal.   Everybody can appreciate it, understand it and be in awe of it.  The 100 meter dash is the signature event of the Olympics.  Both summer and winter.    The only other title that may be more prestigious than being World’s Fastest Man is being Heavyweight Champion of the World.   That’s it.    And right now Usain Bolt is dominating the title.  He’s like Tyson in his prime.     Not just winning, but winning for fun.   A star of stars.   It’s nothing against Michael Phelps.  He’s the greatest swimmer who has ever lived, but that pales in comparison to being the fast human who has ever lived.   And if you don’t agree with that than you my friend are a certified idiot.
I'll add this: As to this Michael Phelps as the "Greatest Olympian Ever" BS, um, no. I'd put Usain Bolt ahead of Phelps, but that would still be wrong.

The correct answer is Jesse Owens, you myopic idiots. It's not always about medal counts.

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