the real list of best #thewire characters

Barstool Chicago is off its rocker with this list:

5 – Chris Partlow

4 – Herc

3 – Stringer Bell

2 – Bodie Braudus

1 – McNulty
Ahem. The correct list looks like this:

5. Slim Charles: For taking out Cheese in one of the most "Holy Shit!) moments in the series.

4. Bodie Braudus - No matter what situation he was in, you always rooted for Bodie. I may or may not have shed a tear when he died.

3. Clay Davis - Sheeeeeit.

2. Omar Little - Black Gay Gangsta Robin Hood. Say no more.

1.Bunk Moreland - Bunk is the best. Funny. Likeable. Good po-lice. Flawed. Plus was in the best scene of the entire series.

While I'm at it, Snoop deserves an honorable mention for this scene, which may be the most ominous opening scene for a season ever.

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