google reader, r.i.p.

So Google Reader dies in July. This really blows. It's been a fixture in my life and a near obsession for nearly seven years. I have starred items I haven't read yet from years ago. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe I'll use my GR time more productively. But I'll probably just move on to another RSS reader. I'm open to suggestions, as long as there is an Android app.

Makes me wonder what the future holds for blogspot. Because of the lack of features in Blogger for Android, I don't post nearly as much as I'd like. It's easier to just share to facebook, which sucks in its own way. If the writing is on the wall for blogger, I may as well start planning on moving this here blog. I guess the two mist robust platforms are Wordpress and tmblr. If worse comes to worse, any preferences?

Two of my favorite companies really let me down today. The way this weeks going, Trader Joe's will get rid of the five country blend espresso and Costco will stop carrying those blueberry / fig bars I'm addicted to.
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