smash smash sa-maaaash

When I first posted about Kai, I wondered when the autotune would come out. well, almost immediately, but I totally missed it. So here it is. Excellent.

All this attention on Fresno's KMPH. gives me the chance to bring up one John Soderman. Soderman was an anchor on KMPH when I lived in Lemoore and Fresno in the 90's. Dude was straight up premature balding (he also like to editorialize - like if two teenagers committed a crime, he would say "two young punks," with the word punks emphasized in the most disgusted cadence). Anyways, fast forward a couple of years, I move back to San Diego in 1999, and this is who I see on San Diego's KUSI:

Dude. You think moving to San Diego means you can just plop on a horrible rug and pretend no one is going to notice? C'mon.
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