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PC Manufacturers Say Windows 8 Has Driven Millions To Become Apple Users.

I've been a Microsoft apologist for a long time. I had a Zune, and still argue it was a better music player than the iPod. Well, I don't argue - it simply was better, despite how much people liked to mock it. Besides my commodore 64, all I've known is Windows. Up until recently I had nothing but disdain for the Cult of Apple. This all changed with Windows 8.

Windows 7 is about the perfect operating system. Stable, fast, intuitive. So W8 would be even better right? I jumped at the chance to upgrade. Big mistake. Loved the fonts and styling. The whole tile thing, though? Cute, but provided nothing of value. I stayed in "classic mode" all the time. "But it works great for touchscreens," my fellow Windows apologists would say, completely ignoring that MY COMPUTER WAS NOT A TOUCHSCREEN. Then my network adapter would become unrecognizable to the OS. I had to re-install drivers every few weeks - since I didn't couldn't get on the internet I had to dig out an old laptop in order to download them. Then the memory leaks started. I thought I left these behind with Windows 98. But no, soon my computer was running at 100% capacity for no good reason. One day the computer restarted and would not load. It was toast. Had to re-installwi the operating system and jumped at the chance to revert to W7. No problems since. The only thing I miss is the design scheme.

While my computer was toast, the thought punishing Microsoft by jumping into the overpriced, trendy arms of MacBook, my sworn enemy, entered my head. So I can see why people would jump ship. I didn't. Going back to W7 did the trick for me. But what about my next computer? Well, I'm already eyeing an ASUS Ultrabook at Costco. My thinking is that my current computer came with W7 and just couldn't handle W8 (which, if the case, someone should have told me), and the ASUS was built as a touchscreen for W8.

Bottom line, I've been abused, but I'm going to stick with Windows for now. But those who jumped ship? I can't blame them.

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