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San Diego Mexican Food Restaurants: 10Best Restaurant Reviews.

I can't argue with every choice on this list, but it can't go uncommented upon:

  • Las Cuatras Milpas belongs on the list, but not number one. 
  • Old Town Mexican Cafe belongs nowhere on this list. It is a tourist trap that caters to out-of-towner's notions of Mexican food. 
  • Lolita's - No. Good, but not in the upper echelon of taco shops. 
  • Cafe Coyote - no, see OTMC.
  • Thank God they didn't list El Indio, which is even more overrated than the Old Town restaurants.

The rest I can't speak for, but some glaring omissions:

1. Mama Testa
2. Mariscos German
3. El Paisa
4. El Cotixan / Santana's / Trujillo's / Cotija's / Mexican Fiesta are all better taco shops than Lolita's.
5. Super Cocina
6. La Fachada

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