Dammit, San Diego. Why do you always have to get these polls wrong? Major League was a good movie, no doubt. But Buttermaker is the easy winner here. It's kind of like the New Yorker caption contest, in which the funniest entry never wins. Ridiculous.



The Grass Fed Lamb Burger (with asadero cheese, jalapeƱo relish, and tomatillo green chile mayo)  from Burger Lounge. Kinda, sorta awesome.

stay classy, la mesa


mark grant is 13 years old #sdpadres

Grow up, Mark.

Oh, and don't even think about talking shit about TGwynn or I hurt you. That man was my hero for nearly two decades.

weird circles #teramelos

Kinda like OK GO, but kinda not at all like OK GO, Tera Melos does not know how to make a boring video.



This Village Voice list of the Top 20 New York hardcore and metal albums of all time does not have Urban Waste in the number 1 spot and is therefore invalid.


the silver strand

Ahh.... the soothing sights and sounds of the last day of 4th of July weekend. The wind. The crashing surf. The blue sky. The engine of a fucking prop plane and the visual diarrhea of a fucking GEICO sign.

Is nothing sacred? Almost reason enough to cancel my GEICO policy. This shit needs to be banned pronto. I'm looking at you Bob Filner.

Plus we had to deal with fishing guy.

Dude wasn't hurting anyone (YET), but c'mon, this is a swimming area, and I don't need to be constantly paranoid of getting a fish hook injury.

Minor quibbles though. Fun day in the aggregate. Do I really have to work tomorrow?


best band name of 2013

Well played. You wanted my attention, you got it. Turns out, pretty rad!

P.S. Bonus game: name my SirusXM presets without looking.

P.P.S. This is actually Wifey's car. No way I would have bass at 50% and treble at 90%. That's a crime.


hard rock day at the rekkid store

I was in a mood.

ho hey harry carey

An example of stupid and simple being brilliant.

Which reminds me of the ongoing "best Saturday Night Live cast members" discussion me and Wifey have been having.

In the top 5, we both agree on Phil Hartman (unanimous #1), Will Ferrel, and Chris Farley. Rounding out my top 5 are Dana Carvey and Eddie Murphy. I think she's partial to Adam Sandler and uh...can't remember the other one but she's wrong anyways so oh well.

Our discussion resulted in the predictive theory that whatever cast was around during your late high school and college years is going to be what you consider to be the best overall cast. So the Hartman, Nealon, Carvey era for me, Farley, Sandler, Spade for her.