peaceful meadows - no justice, no peace (1998 allied recordings)

When people think of the San Diego punk scene in the 90's, the first bands that usually come up are generally the worst ones. I don't need to name names. But dig a little deeper, and you get Creedle, Drive Like Jehu. RFTC, No Knife, and all those other great Cargo/Headhunter not-very- traditional-if-at-all punk bands. Deeper still, and you get the Three One G/Gravity scene, which I'm still trying to understand. And at the bottom, you get those few people who remember great unsung bands like The Neighbors and Peaceful Meadows. 

The Neighbors - I don't know why they never blew up. They played everywhere, were great, and seemed very well respected. Although they would go on to put a record out on Six Weeks, they just never seemed become a "popular underground" band, if that makes sense. 

Peaceful Meadows, though, I get why more people don't know about them. I first heard them on an Allied Recordings comp. The song was "Shark", and I loved it, especially the drumming. But I don't remember Peaceful Meadows being very active. I never saw shows listed, and no one seemed to mention them when talking about San Diego. And the possibility remains that I'm wrong about all that. Maybe they were prolific, and our paths just never crossed. It's happened before. In any case, their lack of wider recognition is sad, because as you can tell from this record, they were pretty great. 

No need to micromanage the genre, Peaceful Meadows play fast punk rock. As far as I know they had two official releases, this one, and an earlier one called "Maximum Party". Both were on Allied Recordings (tangent: why "Recordings" and not "records?" Discuss) which should be reason enough for you to click below. 

Special thanks to But I'd Rather Be Sleeping for saving me the trouble of ripping this. 


shortly i came across a wooden stick

Super Bowl edition of Bad Lip Reading.

It's all funny, of course, but I dare you not to lose your shit when the title of this blog post comes up. Absolutely brilliant.


boba fett youth - s/t lp (1995 bucky records)

Whoa. What? Like, music? What is this, 2010 before your daughter was born?

Yeah, it's been awhile since I've posted music. Turns out, daughters are hard work. TOTALLY WORTH IT, DARLING, DON'T GET ME WRONG IF YOU'RE READING THIS IN THE FUTURE.

These guys are/were bike-riding, vegan punx so I have to post this out of loyalty to placate my humongous audience of bike-riding vegan punx.

Snotty punk from Vegas. They have opinions. Sometimes I agree with them. Sometimes. I sold this on eBay a while back (not because I didn't like it, but because CD's have no more personality than an mp3 and I needed the space) and am kicking myself for not conning a Comic-Con consumer.

I posted an EP way back that I just re-upped, so you can go look for that.

Yearn for Mandalore


it's not just the prozac talking

I feel the need to piggyback on what Josh said here and chime in on Dr. Frank, something I've been meaning to do for a while now.

Indeed, he is one of the great lyricists of our time. Dude has a tool kit of word patterns, syllables, alliteration, puns, and rhyming that I've never heard before. MTX lyrics are much like Schlong's "Punk Side Story" - on first listen it sounds like silly goofing, but on repeated listens you realize how much work went into it, and the word "genius" begins to seem apt.

Dr. Frank famously sung his junior thesis ("Pythagoras and Orphic doctrines all came into play / because Plato was a mystic in his own Platonic way"). He consoled Kitty Menendez ("there'll be non compos mentises for all those Menendezes and Menendezes apprentices and doctors and dentist-es".  But while there were a couple of song gems per album, there was never an entire LP that sonically matched what was going on lyrically.

And then came Love Is Dead. Probably the best combination of catchy songs and smart, funny lyrics ever put to wax. Case in point:,  "Success in these relationships / rests more or less on gamesmanship / and these are ships / that I can't board / or keep in order or afford". An English teacher could have a field day with that.

Life got you down? Dr. Frank's there for you: "You'll find life can be kind of cool and not completely terrible / Absolutely sort of almost bearable."

And for the lovelorn: "Now we've established something precious / but chances are it could go awry / when we find how weak the flesh is / shattered, scattered, hung out to dry / It'll all come out when it's discovered / clearer than the teardrop in my eye / but I don't want to get screwed over by just anyone / you're the only one I want to get screwed over by."

Like all MTX albums, Love Is Dead is filled with memorable lyrics. The difference here is that Every. Single. Song. will get stuck in your head. Go read Josh's post, he has links to most of the songs via YouTube. The smarter thing to do would be to just go buy the fucking thing.


bands i would watch if i went to #coachella but i'm not because i'm no masochist

  1. Neutral Milk Hotel
  2. Motorhead
  3. Toy Dolls
  4. The Dismemberment Plan
  5. The Replacements

That's it. I guess I'm old or something.

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for...

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

—Amendment XIV, Section 4.

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Is it April 1?

Is it April 1? 

Browns Trade Trent Richardson To Colts For First-Round Pick. Say What?

Hoo boy. The Browns will just not stop Brownsing. After naming third-string quarterback Brian Hoyer as the starter for this week's game, they went ahead and traded franchise running back Trent Richardson to the Colts for a first-round pick.

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Okay, so I recognize that the reaction of some folks, particularly Mike Wallace, is no bueno. But I'm...

Okay, so I recognize that the reaction of some folks, particularly Mike Wallace, is no bueno. But I'm more heartened that these are the worst reactions: "Girls are pretty", "meh", "I don't care" and "not christian". That's it? In the big picture, that's awesome, and show's how far society has come.

The Worst Reactions To NBA Player Jason Collins Coming Out

There continue to be plenty of positive reactions on Monday to the news that NBA player Jason Collins had come out as gay, but not all of the responses were supportive. Some players, coaches, and spor...

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An Interview with Finley

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my inlaws will be stoked

my inlaws will be stoked

Recent Study Investigates Crucial Debate: Do Koozies Keep Beer Cold?

Researchers and students at the University of Washington in Seattle have conducted a very important study proving, once and for all, that koozies do in fact keep beverages cold. Here's the science beh...

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Fin (22 months) spelling at the park

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phat fat

Yet another contender for the name of my band.

#blackmetal chocolate

Yeah, 10 years ago this would have sounded gross, but it's 2014 and I think we're all old enough to get the savory/sweet/salty thing. It was good, very good. These are the types of things Santa puts in my stocking.

But that's not why I posted this. I posted this because look at that logo! How is there not a Black Metal band named Vosges with that exact logo?




They totally want me to play on that wall, right?

#obamacare sucks

Making sure health care companies are actually providing health care. THE HORROR!!1!!1 SOCIALIZM!!!1!

cat swag

I'm sure this is supposed to refer to "Catherine's Wagon", but I prefer Cat Swag because it is awesome and is on the short list of names for my mid-life crisis band (Midlife Crisis being another short list name).