the walking dead

The Internet seems to be split on whether The Walking Dead is the greatest thing ever or the worst thing ever. My take is that it's a little bit of both. The special effects are pretty great, and the show can be quite  exciting and suspenseful, but good God could the acting and plot lines be worse? It's a zombie show, so I'm not expecting Emmy-caliber performances, but Breaking Bad and Mad Men have made my expectations a bit higher for AMC. It's gonna stay on my DVR, cuz the pluses (gore) outweigh the minuses (acting, plot). To focus on the negative, I can't remember when I've seen such stock, uncomplicated characters in a TV show. The "good guys" should have straight up put a bullet in the heads of racist Merle, Daryl, and wife-beating Ed, squirrel hunting capabilities be damned. When Armageddon comes, if you have no redeeming social value, then you have no value period.  No time for assholes. But the zombies are really cool, and seeing this amount of gore on basic cable kinda rules.
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