The Twenty-Two's / The Disenchanted Split EP (1996 Mother Box Records)

While Zoppo wasn't my cup of tea, The Twenty-Two's are my quad espresso over ice. Exactly what I like and need. No frills, raw, fast punk. Post punk explosion, pre-bandanacore . Years ago I posted their split with Positive State, and I loved that as well. They never really caught on, but man they were good. The Disenchanted is a little more on the nose with their brand of punk. Not bad, but for me, this split is all about the Twenty-Two's. 

  1. The Twenty-Two's - Label-Free
  2. The Twenty-Two's - My Friends
  3. The Twenty-Two's - Never Suspect
  4. The Disenchanted - Chameleon
  5. The Disenchanted - 2.5
  6. The Disenchanted - Serve & Protect


Zoppo - Chi Practica Lo Impare A Zoppicare! (1997 The Drowning Man)

Sometimes when you've maxed out your shipping on Discogs, you just start adding interesting looking cheap records. Had no idea what to expect. Not really my cup of tea, but it's not bad. Indie rock with a lot of effects from the Netherlands. Yuri Landman played in this band for a bit (including on this). He invents musical instruments for artists, including Sonic Youth and Half Japanese.

Record is a little noisy, but the scratches on Grand Prix are intentional, I think. There's nothing on the record or in Audacity to make me think otherwise.

  1. H.C. Reprise
  2. Comedo
  3. Gayday
  4. No. 357
  5. Sampleintotalpeace
  6. Speed (Lovin' You)
  7. 103 Florence Flight
  8. Burning Sand Under Your Sheets
  9. Grand Prix Imprimé En Noir Et Vert Printemps
  10. Let It Bleed
  11. Back Into Things
  12. She's Real
  13. BlindWritten-by [Uncredited] – Wio
  14. Brother Paolo's Trip In The Forest Of Rieti
  15. Mmboot@sonik.demon.nl

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Bulwark Fail

I'm was reading Frederick Taylor's Dresden, and came across this paragraph:
The Communists could have combined with the Social Democrats to form an anti-Nazi bulwark but refused, claiming that the Social Democrats were, in effect, the real fascists (one of the main Communist taunts was to call them “social fascists”). The Nazis, on the other hand, were simply a symptom of the decline of the wretched petty bourgeoisie. Therefore the important thing for loyal Communists was to oppose the Social Democrats—not the Nazis, who were doomed in any case, along with the class they represented.
It's eerie how much this dovetails with 2016, with Bernie supporters opposing mainstream Democrats. I know this comparison has been made and analyzed a gajillion times. But it was interesting to come across it in a book from 2005.

The sad part is, it's probably going to happen in 2020 as well. The purity tests will begin with the Kavanaugh confirmation.

Spare Me

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Yeah? Or what? What if he doesn't? What are you going to do? Talk - Action = 0, buddy.