Chixdiggit - Best Hung Carrot In The Fridge EP (1995 Lance Rock Records)

I don't talk about Chixdiggit a lot, but the fact is they are in my all-time top 5, and for live shows, top 2 (them and Avail depending on if the measure is adrenaline or joy). There's just not a band that can put a smile on my face like them (The Bananas come closest). This is almost the first thing they did (if anyone has the Humped tape, please get it to me!).

  1. Best Hung Carrot In The Fridge
  2. Grunge Baby
  3. Faith



The Bollweevils - Chicago EP (1993 Dr. Strange Records)

Chicago EP album cover

If you check in on this blog, my assumption is that 90's punk/pop-punk is kind of your bag, so I don't have to write anything about the Bollweevils, right? Okay, good.
  1. Dysomnia By Design
  2. Not My Friend
  3. Rodney



Towel - Towel EP (1997 Vermiform)

Towel (Vinyl, 8", 33 ⅓ RPM) album cover

For us OCD organizers, the dreaded 8" format. But it's on Vermiform, so expect some catchy, toe-tapping pop-punk.

  1. Daddy
  2. Old New Song
  3. Pigfucker
  4. Communiqué



Sinkhole - Donkey EP (1995 Ringing Ear Records)

Donkey (Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM) album cover

Possibly my favorite Sinkhole 7". Being the mid-90's, I'm sure the Eddie Money cover was done ironically, but in yet other sign of my middle-aged bonafides, I'm thinking that's a legit fucking good song, even if Mr. Money has always kind of freaked me out. 

1. Donkey
2. Alterna-Hunka SHit
3. I Think I'm In Love [Eddie Money]



Vomit Pigs - Useless Eaters (2001 Rave Up Records)

Useless Eaters (Vinyl, LP, Compilation) album cover

Vomit Pigs were among the earliest proginators of Texas weirdo punk, and though I have no doubt of their influence on the Big Boys, the Dicks, Really Red, et al., they flamed out before their notoriety could spread outside the South. This LP collects the Take One EP (1-4) from 1978, a couple of live tracks, and some unreleased studio sessions.
  1. Baby's Playing Games
  2. Slut
  3. Useless Eater
  4. Art Of The Insane
  5. My Face Is On Your Lunchbox
  6. Halloween
  7. Beer Dog
  8. Karen Ann Quinlan
  9. Hypo
  10. Bomb The Arabs
  11. Catatonic
  12. Pitt Grill


Various - Pogo Attack (1994 Pogo Punk Records)

Pogo Attack album cover

Oi! is not exactly my cup of tea. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. That being said, there's some good shit on here. I'm particularly fond of the Mankind? and Bristles tracks. "By The Balls" by the Vomit Punx, is just...just...well, just listen.

  1. The Casualties - For The Punx
  2. The Casualties -10 Years Too Late
  3. Banner Of Hope - Future
  4. Banner Of Hope - Tamed
  5. The Pist - I Hate Music
  6. The Pist - Warning Shot
  7. Distraught - Standing At The Foot Of The Grave
  8. Distraught - Staring At The Sun
  9. Mankind? - Who's Life?
  10. Mankind? - Ridicule
  11. 86'D - Swill Break
  12. 86'D - Fuck That
  13. Blanks 77 - Search & Destroy
  14. Blanks 77 - Get Out Alive
  15. The Wretched Ones - Why Do You Lie
  16. The Wretched Ones - Choke
  17. Dysfunctional Youth - Today's Youth
  18. Dysfunctional Youth - Losing My Mind
  19. The Bristles - Bomb Tonite
  20. The Bristles - Another Fight
  21. Aus-Rotten - Denied
  22. Aus-Rotten - May 18th 1993
  23. Vomit Punx - By The Balls
  24. Vomit Punx - Sometimes


Krupted Peasant Farmerz ‎– Peasants By Birth, Farmers By Trade, Krupted By The Dollar (1994 Farmhouse Records)

These early 90's San Jose punks were on Can Of Pork. They were on Wood Panel Pacer. They covered the Fuckboyz. Respected by all, but never fully became a "thing" outside of the Bay Area (although they did inspire their own tribute). Besides an early cassette, this is the only proper full length. It was re-released on Coldfront, who added on the some of those comp tracks and a couple of live ones.

  1. Open Up
  2. Rednecks II
  3. Society Is Puking
  4. Who Is To Blame?
  5. Before It's All Gone
  6. War On Amerika
  7. Hope
  8. Nuclear Race
  9. Moral Slavery
  10. Cowboy Song


Fuckboyz - 11 Song Demo (1988 Self-Released)

This is actually side one of a tape that has a live set on side two. I decided to treat them as separate releases, so we'll revisit that live set some other time. Some of the earliest output from some dudes who would go on to create my favorite things ever

  1. The Gun
  2. Chinese Kindergarten
  3. Bus Of Doom
  4. Don't Fuck Me Up
  5. Satellite Kitchen
  6. Japgirl
  7. Ride The Moped Tater
  8. I'm The Sexist (And I'm Proud)
  9. Sex Bomb
  10. Daddy
  11. Psycho 88
Big thanks to Marcel for sharing this. If you like super rare demos, subscribe to his YouTube page



Viva La Vinyl Volume #4 (2001 Dead Beat Records)

Maybe because the Viva La Vinyl series got watered down as time went on, or maybe because by 2001 my level of awareness of the punk scene was fading, but I only recognized a couple of these bands. Definitely more of a garage / sleaze punk direction than the early scuzzy pop-punk focus of the series.

1. Snake Charmers - Soul In The Gutter
2. Puffball - Midnight Frolics
3. The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs - 3 Chords And An Attitude
4. Cock Spaniels - Siren Alarm Sounds
5. T.V. Killers - So Fake
6. The Flash Express - I'm Leaving
7. The Gee Strings - Drank A Lot
8. The Vultures - Roller Rhouse
9. Nikki Sudden - Aeroplane Blues
10. Geriatrix - I Wanna Eat Your Face
11. The Dialtones - All Night Long
12. The Hellbenders - The 99's
13. Valentine Killers - Drunk Again
14. Hellride - Headin' For Hell
15. Bonecrusher - For Freedom



Pete's Comp: Kids In America (1997 Alphabet Record Company)

Pete's Comp: Kids In America (CD, Album, Compilation) album cover

  1. The Scandal All-Stars - Kids In America
  2. Agent 51 - Fight For Your Right
  3. Carter Peace Mission - Punk Rock Girl
  4. The Classified - Walk Like An Egyption [sic]
  5. Dodgeball - Gigantor
  6. Jon Cougar Concentration Camp - We're Not Gonna Take It
  7. Spazboy - Git The Time [sic]
  8. Swindle- I Got No
Pretty rare covers comp by late 90's San Diego punk bands. I'm 99.9999999%  positive The Scandal All-Stars were a one-off consisting of all the bands on the comp. Something similar happened on the Lump Of Coal comp under the name "Second String". They should have done a split!

You know JCCC, possibly Swindle, maaaaaybe Carter Peace Mission, but all these bands were local treasures. Dodgeball and Spazboy were two of my faves.

Jay Flounder tells me that "Pete" worked at Music Trader (local used music store), knew a bunch of the bands, conceptualized and helped get this out.

No option to buy. I was the only one on Discogs who had this, and a rad dude in Japan bought it, and now I realize I should have charged more.


Trusty - Trusty LP (1990 Truant Records)

Trusty (Vinyl, LP) album cover

This is the pre-Dischord debut album, released when they were still based in Little Rock, AR, before moving to DC and finding massive amounts of fame and fortune. Ha!

A lot better than most of the punk stuff coming out in 1990. Cruz Records basslines + Dischord Records vocals = :)

  1. I Should've Lied
  2. Fallen
  3. Sweet-N-Low
  4. Never Leave My Dreams
  5. R.S.V.P.
  6. White Lies
  7. S.T.P. / Wrong
  8. Letter
  9. Hey Santa
  10. World We Live In
  11. Home
  12. Untitled