Swindle - In The Red EP (1995 Grilled Cheese)

Swindle was pretty popular in San Diego in the mid-late 90's, but I don't know if that popularity expanded anywhere else. They opened for everyone, and did a split with Blink-182 (post-Chesire Cat, pre-Dude Ranch). Nothing complicated, just straight ahead mid-90's punk, including a Screeching Weasel cover.

Oh, and if you're from the San Diego area, you might remember this:

  1. This One
  2. Skeezer
  3. My Mind
  4. I Wanna Be A Homosexual 

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Bang Yer Head

I've been sonically revisiting my mulleted days recently, and two things stick out: Rough Cutt was better than 90% of mid-80's hard rock/metal bands (it's still cringe-worthy in retrospect, but I stick by my point), and Rose Tattoo, while influential on many cool U.S. bands, still should have been much bigger in the U.S. That is all.


Leather - Leather EP (2012 Skeleton Head Records)

This is a 2012 7" version of a 2009 cassette.

I love this band. They have the mix of confidence and reckless abandon I find lacking in a lot stuff I listen to. I hear raw early Nirvana mixed with later Black Flag; you may hear something else entirely, as comparisons are not my strong suit. This isn't as good as the Anchorite EP, but that's a very high bar, as that's one of my favorite records of the last decade.

  1. Addicted To Suffering
  2. No Motivation
  3. Ejaculation Without Orgasm
  4. Too Tired



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Sinkhole - Tumble Mat EP (1995 Dr. Strange Records)

Tumble Mat album cover

Mid 90's Boston pop-punk, though there would be no shame in confusing Sinkhole for  a West Coast/Cruz Records band. This is not an EP I thought I'd need to rip. I thought this was a pretty common EP, and maybe it is, being a Dr. Strange release, but I don't see it on any of the usual outposts, and the two b-side tracks  (including a Pat Benatar cover) do not appear on any other releases. 
  1. Tumble Mat
  2. Weed
  3. Heartbreaker


End Of The World News - 1971 (2002 Recess Records)

1917 (Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, EP) album cover

Aaron Cometbus, Arun Chaudhary of IFarm, and a couple of other dudes with a 5 songs soundtrack to one aspect of Anthony Burgess' End Of The World News: Leon Trotsky's journey to New York and his death in Mexico. Oh, and it's on Recess Records. Yeah. 

I didn't realize this doesn't really exist in digital form online until everyone's favorite vegan beardo recently bought my copy. So I'm doing the world a favor, cause this is awesome. 

The songs all flow together, so my cutoff points my be a little sloppy. I also had a little debate with myself about where track 1 ends and where track 2 begins. Open to interpretation, I guess. 

  1. 1917
  2. Volodarsky, Chudnorsky, Bukharin
  3. Amenities
  4. Driven
  5. Mexico


Swerve - Sugarfix (1996 New Renaissance)

Sugarfix (CD, Album) album cover

So when I bought this, I thought it was, in the words of Tesco Vee, one of "those ultra-hip, one-syllable bands like Live, Lush, Beck, Swirl, Blur" but nope, it's yet another unheralded, forgotten (though they did re-unite last year  mid-90's San Diego band that you'll find in our local thrift stores.

The older I get, the harder it is for me to make genre classifications. Alternative? Power Pop? I dunno. They refer to themselves as "Surf Power-Pop" so lets go with that. If I were to make a comparison, I'd say a poppier version of Dig.

"Right Today" is the standout track here. 

  1. Radio Swerve
  2. Right Today
  3. I Know A Girl
  4. You Say
  5. Dime
  6. What You Wanted
  7. Hey Hey
  8. No One
  9. The Butter Flies
  10. Once Again
  11. Sugar Fix
  12. Noit Peced (Live)


Gimcrack - Pensacola EP (1995? Backspin Records)

Mid-90's Florida punk rock. though I'm unsure of exactly what year. The were on the great No Idea Big Pants Waste Precious Fabric and Punk? comps. I don't know a whole lot else about them except I always thought they did "Diet Punk" but that was actually the Rickets. Enjoy!

  1. Dear Mr. Preacher
  2. Drive
  3. Junk Drawer Culture
  4. Am I Frustrated?
  5. Carry On

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Punk Diary: 1970-1979 (1994 not on label)

This is an interview that cam with the book Punk Diary: 1970-1979 by George Gimarc. Despte the title, most of the action in the book is post-1975, and spends a lot of time on bands I would never think of as being punk forefathers (OMD!?). The only music on this is some early Hagfish stuff. Kind of an odd choice, but I like Hagfish, so fine by me.

  1. Hagfish - Happiness
  2. Ramones - Punk Beginnings
  3. Nick Lowe - The Tartan Horde
  4. XTC - First Session
  5. Marco Pirroni - Pre-Punk London
  6. The Damned - Why Did Punk Happen?
  7. Hagfish - Stamp
  8. The Dead Boys - Punk Roots In Ohio
  9. Devo - De-evolution In Akron
  10. Marco Pirroni - Hears About The Pistols
  11. Marco Pirroni - Siouxsie's First Gig
  12. Adam Ant - Their Real Roots
  13. X-Ray Spex - Anyone Can Do This!
  14. Marco Pirroni - Subway Sect Recalled
  15. Skids - Punk Roots In Scotland
  16. Simple Minds - As Johnny & The Self Abusers
  17. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Liverpool Electronics
  18. Spitfire Boys - Pre-Siouxsie Budgie
  19. Chrissie Hynde - That's Not My Group!
  20. Rich Kids - Midge Ure Recalls
  21. John Lydon - Sid And Nancy Is Nonsense!
  22. Hagfish - Gertrude
  23. Gang Of Four - Turn Down T.O.T.P.
  24. The Police - Who Is Klark Kent?
  25. Siouxsie & The Banshees - Problems Getting Signed
  26. Gary Numan - Meets The Synthesizer
  27. U2 - Early Days
  28. Nick Lowe - "What's So Funny..."
  29. The Beat - Nothing To Do
  30. Peter Murphy - Bela Lugosi's Daughter
  31. Various - Closing
  32. Hagfish - Minit Maid


Toybox - Toybox (1995 Self Released)

This is the kind of album that makes the crate digging worth it. Really good  indie rock from San Diego. There's absolutely nothing out there on the interwebs about this band.

  1. Xmen
  2. Eli
  3. Doors & Windows
  4. Cheeba Steve
  5. Think
  6. Arizona
  7. So Afraid
  8. Obey



It really, really should matter if there is a tape out there of the President of the United States using the n-word. But the reality is that it really, really doesn't matter if it exists. Sad, but true.

As should be obvious by now, for 40% of the country, Trump using the n-word would be a feature, not a bug. For another 9-11% it would be, "yeah, that's really bad, but the economy....".

We're fucked.


Matt Frado Compilation (2008 Welfare Records)

A tribute album to Matt Frado, who at one point was in all of the bands here (+ many more that aren't on the comp). Until listening to this, I had no idea who Matt Frado was. But looking into it, he was a beloved musician in the Boston punk/hardcore/metal scene who played multiple instruments. The bands here run the gamut: death metal, black metal, thrash, punk, hardcore, and some sleaze rock. Unholy Goatfucker is the highlight here for me, but I found something to like about all the bands. This is quite a varied and rad musical legacy to leave behind at the age of 24. I didn't know ya, Matt, but R.I.P.

BTW, I initially bought this because one of the bands is called the Rocket Queens, and I remember that Craigums was in a GNR cover band of the same name. Well, this is obviously not that Rocket Queens, but if that RQ has any recorded output, please send my way. 
  1. Legions Of Hell - Storming The Gates
  2. Legions Of Hell - God Of War
  3. Legions Of Hell - Blades Of Light
  4. Brainrot - Brainwash Deteriorate
  5. Brainrot - I'm Not Growing Up
  6. Brainrot - Raped
  7. Burn Victim - Hoof Prints
  8. Solitary Neglect - Social Control
  9. Solitary Neglect - Silence
  10. Solitary Neglect - R.I.S.
  11. Speed Demon - Bury Me Standing
  12. Speed Demon - Perfect Crime
  13. Speed Demon - ?
  14. Unholy Goatfucker - Under The Banner Of The Beast
  15. Unholy Goatfucker - Pestilence Shall Reign
  16. Unholy Goatfucker - Sickle Of Desolation
  17. Pygmy Hippo Death Spurs - Another Round
  18. Rocket Queens - I Just Had To