minnesota sucks unless you like self-toture

Calm down, MNPunk, we all love Minnesota, probably the most unsung punk rock state there is. The title is just a joke/line from a Ferd Mert song. But as I sit here in San Diego with the air conditioning on, I couldn't NOT post this.

Ferd Mert - "The Winter Sucks"
Here the Winter comes again
The Summer ended before it began
Sun went away and it's not coming back
Asked Mother Nature to cut us some slack
The weather changes faster than I can comprehend
Once again we're living in a Winter wonderland. 

Minnesota sucks unless you like self-torture
I didn't have much choice; unfortunately I was born here
It's cold from Halloween 'til Memorial day
If you're thinking about coming here 
There's something to say

The Winter sucks

It's not the heat it's the humidity
It's not the cold it's the wind chill
Those excuses show your stupidity
And the weather is making me ill
I keep on thinking about moving, but I ain't got the cash
I'll just keep on praying that this winter is my last
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