So, I've had my fingers in my ears regarding anything Breaking Bad related for the past three days. ...

So, I've had my fingers in my ears regarding anything Breaking Bad related for the past three days. Finally watched it tonight. Wow. I don't believe I've ever seen a darker hour of TV ever.

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September 18, 2013 at 08:19PM

Is it April 1?

Browns Trade Trent Richardson To Colts For First-Round Pick. Say What?

Hoo boy. The Browns will just not stop Brownsing. After naming third-string quarterback Brian Hoyer as the starter for this week's game, they went ahead and traded franchise running back Trent Richardson to the Colts for a first-round pick.

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chargers thoughts - week 2

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  • Even if the Chargers lost, that was a fun game to watch, which I haven't said in a long, long time. 
  • A+ coaching by McCoy. This is why Norv needed to go. Going no huddle and then milking the clock was the exact recipe necessary against a team like the Eagles. Norv wouldn't have changed a thing. 
  • The fumbles by Gates and Mathews were aggravating, but overall, the Chargers come to the stadium ready to play in the McCoy era. 
  • Because he's a Fresno State Bulldog and a Charger, I reflexisvly defend Mathews, but c'mon man. 
  • I've expected this to be a rebuilding year, so my expectations are low. 
  • That being said, very happy with the start of the year. Last week's collapse was troubling, but new coach, new system, it's fine. Fighting back like today proves the correct coaching staff is in place.
  • Although, why does anyone bother running against the Chargers? The secondary is terrible. I'm not enough of a football geek to know if this is a personnel problem or a Pagano problem, but the problem exists. 
  • The Chargers definitely had some luck on their side, as DeSean Jackson could have had at least 2 more long catches which very likely would have been touchdowns. 
  • I am very relieved to hear Malcom Floyd is ok, but that hit is why if I had a son, he would not be playing football. 
  • Eddie Royal! Last year a bust, this year the MVP so far. 
  • I do not like Philip Rivers as a person, but the way he's stepped up under McCoy makes me wonder why he so vehemently defended Norv. Maybe he's just uber-loyal, which can be a fault at the extreme. But he certainly looks like he's having more fun and is playing at a level Charger fans have not seen in a long time. 
  • Which of course, is kind of sadistic of me, to understand the violent brutality of the game yet still watch religiously. 
  • Man, it's been a long time to feel really good and optimistic after a win.


r.i.p. pussy cow

Pussy Cow is gone. 
Cal Worthington, a car dealer whose off-the-wall commercials, first broadcast in the 1950s, bombarded California television viewers for more than half a century and made him a pop culture legend, died on Sunday at his ranch in Orland, Calif. He was 92.


oh the humidity

Just a couple of the massive monsoonal clouds east of San Diego making life a hot, humid hell.

P.S. it's hot and humid for reals, not the usual San Diegan "oh it's not 80 degrees" thing.


book attack

Kindle Matchbook Will Give Discounted Ebook Copies to Hard Copy Owners.

This is great and long, long overdue. Making people pay full price for a digital edition of something they already physically own just encourages pirating. I have had no real qualms with someone pirating things they have already paid for - this goes a long way in changing my thinking about that, as long as other retailers follow along.

This will encourage physical book sales in the long run. We all (mostly) like the convenience of eBooks, but at the end of a long day, when I'm about to go to sleep, I don't need to be staring at a screen.

Led by The Punx, this concept has already revitalized sales on vinyl records. Yes, you will mostly listen to mp3s, but a lot of us vain motherfuckers need to build our physical record libraries to impress some theoretical cool person who will never actually come to our house but hey you never know, and the same applies to books.

P.S. Buy that book up top, you won't be disappointed.


french fry burger

If Twitter is all atwitter about the BK French Fry burger, imagine when it discovers the magic of the Sand Diego's own California Burrito.

Late to the game, BK.

special buzz juice

There is no way this is for reals, right? Right?