william wallace's ride

Hmmm. Is he/she proud? Freedom. Or ashamed? Freedumb.

marketing genius

So I got a sample of these when goodies.com was still a thing. "Toasted Corn Centers," eh? Sea salt and butter flavored even. Sounds intriguing, until you realize "Toasted Corn Centers" means "Unpopped Popcorn From The Bottom Of The Bag That Will Wreck Havok On Your Teeth." We've been had. 



I don't drink, so I assume I'm missing something here....

this deserves a clio award #eastcounty #gunsrule

Opened the monthly La Mesa coupon book and was greated by this heartwarming ad:

"Hey, Santa just accidentally killed Rudolph and is despondent! Come buy a gun from us!"

 Brilliant marketing. In Bizarro World.

slow news day in san diego

Important information, everyone. News at 5.


i don't think that's actually robert smith

Cleaning out ye olde Dropdox, came across this little gem. A year and a half ago I got dragged to my second Morrissey concert by Wifey, and the parking lot confirmed every stereotype I had in middle school about fans of The Smiths, The Cure, etc. Like, for reals, someone needs to make the equivelant of Heavy Metal Parking Lot. Goth Parking Lot? I know it's not Goth per se, but I don't know how to label that era of British music. Eighth-grade me called it goth, so we're sticking with goth. UPDATE: Holy shit it exists!

I'll caveat this by saying that because of my wife, I actually appreciate Morrissey and The Smiths (but not The Cure!) and the concerts I've been to have been pretty good


something(s) i learned today

1. The Atlanta Falcons logo is an "F" as well as a bird.
2. Babies can do the breaststroke and hold their breath underwater when the are born.
3. A lot of women have to shave after menopause.