I'm almost halfway finished, how do you like it so far? #GarryShandling

RIP Garry Shandling. 

The Larry Sanders Show was great and it deserves every ounce of praise it gets, and it was as influential as a show can get.

But my first experience with Garry Shandling was It's Garry Shandling's Show, and that is what I will always remember when I think of Garry Shandling.

Its run coincided with my high school years. We were an HBO family, and it was on Showtime, so I didn't get to see it that much in it's initial run (it later moved to network TV). The first time I saw it was at my friend Gary's when he was visiting one summer. Apparently they were a Showtime family. The theme song sucked me in, and at the time I thought it was about the funniest and unique damn thing I'd seen.  It was meta before meta was cool, and I'd like to think it was just as influential on it's style of comedy as The Larry Sanders Show was for its.

Thanks for the laughs, Garry.


Spirit Of The American Hot Dog

I don't know what that means, but I think it could be Donald Trump's campaign slogan.


Horace Pinker / Face to Face Split EP (1993 Rhetoric)

I didn't know about this 7" until Little Jon Hanks guested on my embarrassing KFSR show and played the Face to Face cover of "Blister in the Sun." Bought this shortly after.

I strut my stuff


Choking on Progress - Substance Before Presentation (2000, self-released)

Kevin Bacon time: I knew a girl who dated a guy in this band. When I met him, he had an FYP pin. That made him okay by me. Beyond that, I don't know a whole bunch about these guys. Just some East County dudes playing basic punk rock. No harm in that. Oh, they cover Wide Awake's False Pride.

Git it.


"vote for the wrong dude as a goof" #drumpf

Every time Donald Drumpf wins a primary, I think of this old Eddie Murphy routine.