zoinks! / the gain split (1996 rhetoric)

Both the Gain and Zoinks have been posted many, many times on this blog, so if you're new, go investigate. Two great tastes that taste great together.

  1. Z - Dirty Underwear
  2. Page Five (Blue Violet)
  3. G- Crazy Wayne
  4. G - You Could Walk Away

what is the universe trying to tell me?

This morning wifey has a hankering for freaking Coco's of all places. I know, right? And now this is what's going down in my neighborhood Starbucks. There is a message in here somewhere, I just don't know what it is.


sd stud

My hero. Absolutely positive this dude and his boss Dodge pickup with the rad extra wide tires and the gnarly stickers and the sweet personalized plate is up to his eyeballs in trim. Truly the SD Stud.

[seen on I-8 west]


this is what life looks like when I take children's benadryl

very subtle, bollywood

there oughtta be a law...

Plinky asks:

If you could enact one new law, what would it be?

I would make sure that motorcycles and choppers had to adhere to the same loudness regulations that cars do (at least in California). Nothing worse than some DB on a chopper setting off every car alarm around with his big, bad, chopper to compensate for a tiny peen.

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play at your own risk, vol 2 (1995 recess) [#propagandhi]

Due to real life concerns, posting has been light of late, so I thought I'd make it up to you with something special. Recess was without a doubt my favorite label of the 90's, and this box set shows why. A lot of fun, a lot of fuck you's, a lot of hooks, and not a lot of production. Fucking perfect. That Annie & Candy Clutz tune is tits.

I didn't see this anywhere else online (Volume 1 is available at this cool website. Thanks, you handsome devil!), and I will consider it a failure if this doesn't become the most downloaded thing I've ever posted (the leader, btw, is Dillinger Four "Girlfriends/Bubblegum" with 345).

Also, go buy some shit at Recess Records. Todd's been doing God's work for two decades now.

So, we cool?

  1. Quincy Punx - Roadkill
  2. Crumbs - I Think I Got The Blues
  3. Black Fork - Riviera Foom Style Now
  4. Annie & Candy Clutz - Abortion
  5. Second Hand - Graduation
  6. Pud - Breakout
  7. Slackers - I Don't Care 
  8. Chickenhead - Ruin Yr Day
  9. Les Turds - Shithole
  10. Teamsters - I'm A Criminal
  11. Propagandhi - Portage La Prairie
  12. I Spy - When We Grow Up


baja brothers grill - la mesa

Newish joint in La Mesa. I can't remember the name of the place it replaced, but it served some of the worst food I've ever eaten, so good riddance.

Baja Brothers is much better. Threw me off that some white guys are doing the cooking, but they do it well so no problemo.

I ordered the California burrito. The carne asada is more like barbacoa than your traditional taco shop carne asada. But everything tasted really good. The beef, although not was I am used to, was especially moist.

My first couple of times at Baja Brothers were good, not great, but the place was so dead that I was a bit worried about its survival. But it has been a few months now, the food has gotten better, and, at least on this Saturday, there was a steady stream of customers. So hopefully they will stick around, cuz the dining options in East County are painfully weak.


viva sabor

New Mexican place in the San Carlos area of San Diego. I had the carnitas burrito. Nothing groundbreaking, but really good considering the competition in the area. The kitchen is like five times bigger than the dining area, which consists of like four tables. Pics blurry cuz I forgot to take the protective film off my new Evo. I'm a genius.

tunstin gat - s/t (1994 702 records)

Tunstin Gat reminds me of many East Bay and San Diego bands (Jon Cougar Concentration Camp, Everready, Jawbreaker, off the top of my head), but there's something completely unique about them. You may have never heard of Tunstin Gat, but these three dudes went in to play in Queen Mab, Multi-Facet, The Influents, Murder City Devils, Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Criminals, Black Cat Music, and many more, so don't download at your own risk. Great stuff.

Once again thanks go out to Willfully Obscure for saving me the trouble of ripping my copy. Make sure to add them to your daily routine.

  1. Love Song
  2. Too Young For You
  3. Letter To Rumeli
  4. For Tomorrow
  5. Twice



is matt drudge for reals?

Obama gives a very moving, non-political speech in Tucson, in the aftermath of tragedy. So what do we get from Drudge?

I guess I'll have to go against the "tone it down" zeitgeist and just say it: Matt Drudge is a fucking asshole.

econochrist - skewed (1993 ebullition)

San Francisco (via Arkansas or vice versa, I don't know, they were from Arkansas and moved to SF, Wifey is the English major not me) political hardcore. 

Big thanks to the folks (or folk) at Polish Nightmare for the rip. Lots of great hardcore over there, so follow 'em.

  1. Withdrawal
  2. Words Alone
  3. Bled Dry
  4. Passed On


nofx - fat club (2001 fat wreck chords)

Another in the Fat Club 7" series, NoFX needs no introduction, I just hope this doesn't get me in any trouble.

  1. Zyclone B Bathhouse
  2. Spaghetti Motel (Theme for a Spanish TV Show)

am i a bad person for supporting the right of the westboro baptist church to protest?

So Arizona is trying to pass a law that seems to be specifically aimed at the Westboro Baptist Church.

Yeah, protesting any funeral is in unbelievably poor taste, and the members of Westboro Baptist Church are evil publicity hounds who deserve nothing but utter contempt, but they are still protected by the Constitution, right?

I've always believed the game was: find the slimiest, most evil LAW ABIDING citizen among us, and then give him the exact same rights as you yourself have. Except when feelings are hurt, apparently.

It's kind of disgusting that the State of Arizona would fight so hard for the most liberal, permissive definition of the Second Amendment while simultaneously eroding the First.

Dear Arizona, howz 'bout passing some laws that might prevent these kinds of funerals in the first place?

Worst. State. Ever. 

bread on market

Thanks to Groupon or BuyWithMe or TheDailySave or whateverthefuck, I discovered Bread On Market, a nice little bakery/restaurant in downtown San Diego, not too far from Petco. Too many good looking sandwich choices, so me and Wifey each ordered one and went halvsies. 

Left - Turkey Bleu. Perfectly toasted, with bacon and gorgonzola.

Right - Salami. Just a basic sandwich consisting of some really good salami, some European butter on a sourdough roll. The best kind of sourdough, too. The kind that makes your jaw hurt.

We also got a loaf of sourdough to boot.

Good stuff. Cheggit out if you find tyourself in DTSD.

i think i found the noid



porkyland II

My first few visits to Porkyland did not go well. They managed to butch the concept of burritos and nachos. But since those are gringo concoctions to begin with, I gave Porkyland one more chance and went to the staple dish: tacos.

I'm glad I did. The tacos were pretty damn good. I ordered a chipotle chicken (left), pastor (center), and carnitas (right). The inclusion of lettuce on the chicken taco had me a little concerned. Once I removed most of it, though, the taco was really good. The carnitas was even better. Not a surprise since carnitas are Porkyland's claim to fame. What was surprising was that the pastor was the best of all. Best pastor I've had since La Fachada.

Porkyland also scored on two of the three hot sauces. The mild (right) I didn't care for, but I usually do not like mild salsas anyways. The verde (center, duh) was a bit odd, but in a good way. And the hot (left) was really, really good. 

So bottom line, go to Porkyland, but STICK TO THE TACOS!


quarters, mostly

So, the other day I was returning something at Target. This lady comes up to the counter and asks an employee if they could page her nephew, who was like 10, over the intercom, as she could not find him, and they had to get going due to a doctor's appointment. I would think this is no big deal. Seemed like a routine thing when I was growing up. But when you consider that there's an unsupervised ten-year-old running around, you'd think Target would get on that stat.

But instead, the employee said that he couldn't. That he needed to ask his manager, who would then need to ask his boss. To page someone? Really. Anyways, because everything in life comes back to either Seinfeld or Mr. Show, I immediately thought of this.

an ode to ronnie dobbs


i like guns and guns like me

When I was working in Sacramento, Jerry Brown, in his role as Attorney General, took a tour of all the DOJ facilities. To my surprise, his tour was not just a cursory meet and greet. Unlike past AG's. Brown actually asked questions about various programs, and wanted to be sure he understood how different databases and procedures worked. One of the things that came out of his tours was that it was determined that the database for gun records had never been cross referenced with the database for those who were prohibited from owning firearms because of felonies, mental health holds, probation conditions, restraining orders and so forth. Once they were cross referenced, it showed thousands of people who simultaneously listed as owning guns and being prohibited from owning guns. The result was Operation Summer Sweep.

I don't really know where I'm going with this, except that today's news reminded me of Brown's leadership on the issue. He is fundamentally misunderstood by his opponents. Anyways...

I know that Arizona has mental health prohibitions for firearms ownership. I don't know that they have databases that can be cross referenced like in California. I also don't know if Jared Loughner (is that pronounced Loner? Weird.)  has any sort of official record of mental health issues. I do know that he bought the gun legally a little more than a month ago. I also know he has posted some crazy YouTube videos and accounts of his behavior in the recent past point to someone who definitely has .

Story is still developing, so I don't know that anyone did anything wrong. I would just hope that the majority of 2nd Amendment supporters would agree that the right to bear arms does not pertain to the mentally disturbed.

I'm not a gun-ban guy. I just wish background checks were a little more thorough.

where's your fucking pithy twitter update, sarah palin?

Pro-health care bill Arizona Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, who just happened to be a part of Sarah Palin's "target" list, shot in head, possibly dead.

how awesome were the 80's?

Totally awesome.

John Sex: Rock Your Body from DANGEROUS MINDS on Vimeo.



4th class - s/t ep (1997 beer city)

Combination of being sick and being on vacation has kept me from posting, so in the words of Cobain, Rape Me All Apologies.

Here we have some straight ahead Fuck You punk straight outta Manitowoc.

  1. Good As Dad
  2. Wicked Soak
  3. Golden Flame Song
  4. Piggers
  5. Curse Of Kingsbury
  6. Change Your Name
  7. Hey You
  8. Easy Trap
  9. 4th Class
  10. Wicked Soak's Revenge


today in "everything's amazing, no one's happy"

Boing Boing:
But his presentation's key moment--flipping the machine over to show off the beautiful underside and its exquisitely cut air vents--was a sad trombone moment for me. What's the point if it's just going to get covered in ugly partner stickers?
Oh noes! Stickers on the bottom of my laptop! The horror!


All this discussion of where Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh will end up got me thinking, shouldn't head coach at Stanford be THE most prestigious job in college football? You have one of the top academic schools in the country, which still excels in every sport (despite being one of only a handful of schools that does not cut corners on admission for its athletes), on one of the most beautiful campuses in America. Why would a job at any other school be better than that? In a perfect world, he would already have the ultimate job.



@owth needs to do a cover, like, pronto

what is mark zuckerman doing that i don't know about?

I'm on Facebook.

It's free.

I've never bought any game tokens or anything like that. I just post shit, and occasionally play a game of Family Feud. I've never purchased an episode of Family Feud.

I don't remember ever clicking on any of the ads on Facebook. If I have, it's been less than 10 times.

Basically, I have never given a single cent to Facebook, or frequented any of its advertisers. Nor do I plan to.

I'm sure I'm not alone.

So Goldman Sachs values it at $50 billion because why? Obviously there's a reason; it's just not obvious to me.

I'm assuming my info is being sold, but what else? There must be more that meets the eye.

P.S. Ditto for Twitter.

P.S.S. I don't get the big deal about The Social Network. Was aight. Oscar caliber? Please.