Apparently, Porkyland has been a San Diego institution since 1982. But you could have fooled me. Their style of food makes it seem like they are a transplant from some other part of the state/country. I've been there twice now, and came out confused both times.

The first time, I ordered a Carnitas Burrito. The carnitas, which Porkyland is so famous for, were good, but that's all there was in the burrito. Nothing else. In San Diego, for the most part a burrito = meat, salsa, and guacamole. With out those other two ingredients, a burrito can be a dry and boring thing. Which this was.

But I decided to give Porkyland another shot. This time I ordered the Carnitas Nachos. This is what I got:

Is there another place in the entire county (besides Taco Bell) that uses nacho freaking cheese on nachos? And yes, I realize it's called "nacho" cheese, but seriously, I'm not in sixth grade. I can handle actual cheese, as 99.9% of taco shops in San Diego seem to know. Everything else on the nachos was pretty good, especially the carnitas. But the nacho cheese ruined everything.  #nachofail

I'll give Porkyland one more try. Tacos next time. Would be really hard to screw that up.
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