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Jesus Christ it's the koo koo bears umizoomi again

#callmemaybe hype

I've been hearing a lot about this song "Call Me Maybe". It seems to be getting near universal praise on the internet and infinite cover versions on YouTube. But I never actually heard the song until last week. I assumed the songs was awful, as most overhyped things are.

But you know what happens when you assume?

Sometimes, you get the smug satisfaction of being absolutely right. That song is horseshit.

I would like it much more if this was the official version:


blogger for android is worthless

This is what it does to pictures you blog from your phone. I love Google, but I don't understand why they've made blogging on Android so difficult. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Okay, so now it kinda works? Pics are small, but they used to be small and very poor quality, so I take back half of what I just said.


what could possibly go wrong?

Law-And-Order Republicans In Indiana Now Let You Stand Your Ground Against Cops:

Mitch Daniels, Indiana governor, has signed a law allowing people to shoot cops who bust into their homes we are not even kidding that is not even a hoax.

Well, congratulations, Indiana. You just gave free reign to the Sovereign Citizens movement, who believe everything the cops do is illegal. Way to go!


in other election news...

I had to choose between Kreep and Peed...

where's ashton?

Seriously? This nutjob made the ballot? In the words of noted Russian philosopher Yakov Smirnoff, "What a country!"