the halloween post

Halloween falls on football day this year, so imma be lazy and just collect all my old halloween posts. 



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2009 Soundtrack


i don't know what to believe anymore

First Ben Weasel on Carson Fucking Daly.

Then OFF! on Carson Fucking Daly.

Now, Mike Fucking Huckabee extolling Torche??

And Greg Fucking Gutfeld interviewing Torche? Floor being mentioned on Fox Fucking News?

Up is fucking down, black is fucking white, world's are fucking colliding, Jerry.


the receivers - drop out (1998 cheetah's)

Not punk as fuck. Not pop as fuck. Not garage as fuck. Just rock'n'roll as fuck. The Receivers should have been huge. Instead, they're on this pathetic blog. Life = not fair.

Associated bands: Black Cat Music, One Time Angels, The Plus Ones, Maps.

  1. You Got 'Em Good
  2. Boredom
  3. Everything That Glitters

maria maria

Maria Maria is a new place that opened in San Diego. It's a chain. It's themed. It's a chain themed around Carlos freaking Santana. That's a triple fail. Would never go to a place like that. What's that? There's a Groupon? Oh, I'm there.

So obviously, I'm not expecting much. I have thoughts of the atrocious Hard Rock Cafe in my head. But...it's really kind of nice inside. The salsa the brought out with the chips was on hit.

The one in back is your basic, gringo salsa. But Maria Maria leaves very large chunks of really good tomatoes in the salsa. Wifey, who is not a fan of tomatoes in the first place, did not dig that. I, who loves tomatoes, did. The salsa verde, which at most places is the mildest salsa, packed a lot of heat. Hottest green sauce I've had outside the Mission District taquerias in San Francisco. The one on the right was basically a watery version of Rubio's smoked chipotle salsa.

Looking over the menu, there was one dish that stood out. Chicken and Mole Tortilla Casserole. I had to order it.

And I'm very glad I did. Best mole I've had in San Diego. Lots of cheese. Awesome tortillas, and lots of chicken. It's pricey, but I thought it was worth it. But if someone want's to argue that the prices are too high, I'm not gonna argue. But I will be going back to Maria Maria, and this casserole is the reason why.

I should note that we ate in the bar and our service was atrocious. The table next to us had a different server, and she rocked. We had server envy. Oh, and did not dig guitar playing guy. Tears In Heaven? Really? Nothing like hearing a song about Eric Clapton's dead child to make a festive evening!

I told a co-worker about Maria Maria, and she said that she had heard nothing but awful things about it. That's kind of weird. I had such low expectations, and was pleasantly surprised. Maybe other people's expectations were just way higher than mine?


the queers / sinkhole - love ain't punk (1995 ringing ear)

Excellent split. Each band does an original and a cover.

Funny, a few days ago The Vegan mentions Ramone To The Bone, a site I somehow hadn't heard of, and today when I go to see if anyone already had a 192+mbps rip up, what does ye olde Google bring me? Ramone To The Bone. So big thanks to them. Go check 'em out.

  1. Q - Blabbermouth
  2. Q - Rockaway Beach [Ramones]
  3. S - Lerch
  4. S - I Need Adventure [GG Allin]


squat (1995 shapunk)

Squat were an all-girl punk rock band from the Bay Area. That's all I know about them, even though I used to play the shot out of this. Misery & This Song are pretty great.

  1. Sorry
  2. Misery
  3. This Song
  4. Loser


the automatics - all the kids just wanna dance (1995 mutant pop)

This was the first Automatics record I ever bought, and I immediately fell in love.

Thanks to Pop Punk Gems for the rip.

  1. All The Kids Just Wanna Dance
  2. Mrs. Johnson
  3. My Life Is Shit


spanakorzo - s/t (1995 wrenched)

Seems like Spanakorzo always gets lumped into the San Diego Swing Kids-type noisy hardcore thing, but besides personnel, I've never made the connection. I simply think of them as San Diego's Fugazi.

Associated bands: Boilermaker (Tim Semple), Swing Kids & Sweep The Leg Johnny (John Brady).

  1. Role Of The Proletariat
  2. Land Mind
  3. Brown, Light Brown, and Tan
  4. Ready, Set, Revenge


pud - i was a teenage rancor (1996 recess)

Pud were from Bainbridge Island, WA, formed from the ashes of The Rickets, and just slayed. English influences abound. An absolute overlooked gem. Download this. Just trust me.
  1. The Kids Wanna Rock N' Roll
  2. You Can Take My Gun (But First You Must Call Me Papa)
  3. Ragna Rock N' Roll
  4. In The 1980's

do i have to start watching carson freaking daly?

an ode to the kansas city chiefs and st. louis rams

One of my favorite songs, and the sentiment is particularly apt on this literally and figuratively gloomy day.


chargers rant

The Chargers special teams has been an easy, obvious, and legitimate scapegoat for the dismal play on the road this year. But today's game showed the problems go much deeper than that. The offensive line is a joke. Receivers not named Malcolm Floyd don't inspire a lot of confidence. There have been key injuries (which every team has. The turnovers. Oh the turnovers. But it all starts out with the coaching. Once again, the Chargers come in unprepared and uninspired, resulting in getting dominated by what everyone tells me is an inferior team (at some point, if you keep losing to "inferior" teams, it might be time to stop thinking of yourselves as superior to anyone).

I don't really care if the Chargers win out and make the playoffs (which, with the way we're playing vs. the way the Chiefs are playing, don't count on it. It's time for Norv and this entire coaching staff to go. Sick of bloggers acting like this is an uneducated position, and that people like me are crazy for thinking drastic actions are needed. They'll throw a bunch of statistics and sabermetrics top prove their point. Meanwhile, I'm not sure that they've even WATCHED THE FUCKING GAME. If they did, it's obvious that this team needs change, and they need it NOW. Actually, they needed it years ago. Actually, they didn't need it years ago.  They had a decent coach they dumped for the genius that is Norv Turner.

Just a ridiculous day/season. 


cletus - s/t (1995 johann's face)

Not unknown, but not that well known, Cletus was pretty awesome. Very catchy with very distinct, nasally vocals. Produced by Joe Queer, if that helps. As pretty as a picture...of the apocalypse.

  1. Product
  2. Stipe
  3. Janine
  4. Season Of Risk

hipster cat has an opinion


redfish - a broken light (1994 fearless)

Simi Valley's Redfish never got big, but I always liked 'em, and for one summer in 1995, there was a torrid love affair at Patterson Hall between Redfish and Fresno.

  1. Scenes
  2. Third World State
  3. A Broken Light
  4. Nothing To Say

mighty white of you


refuse to fall - stalemate sessions (1994 drive)

When I used to think of "emo" I thought of stuff like Refuse To Fall - krishna-core, emotional hardcore, whatevs. Nowadays, when I think of "emo". I want to go on a five-state killing spree.

Thanks to xonetruthx for the rip, or at least the link.

  1. Stalemate
  2. Pleasure


mr. t experience / sicko split (1992 empty)

Sorry for the lack of posts. On vacation this week getting some not-well-deserved rest.

So. this is the Empty Records re-issue of the 1992 single put out by Sicko's Top Shelf Records. Two of the best pop-punk bands of the 90's.

  1. Mr. T Experience - Together Tonight
  2. Sicko - 80 Dollars


hickey - us vs. them (1995 truth about fonzie)

Life is cheap, but living is expensive...
Eight years ago today, Matty Luv passed on and the world died a little more. It was more our loss than his.

  1. Crepe Paper Hearts
  2. The Naked Cult Of Hickey
  3. Everyone's A Whore
  4. Last Nite On The Planet