the fixtures - entartete kunst (1993 house o' pain)

Straight up punk in a D.O.A meets Jello Biafra sort of way. The drummer is the singer, which I've always found neat for some reason. Reminds me of that Romantic's video I guess. 
  1. Pornhogwrathe
  2. International Know
  3. Quit Your Job
  4. Warning 




what if you were born like this ep (1994 diarhea)


FYP is the only band on this I recognize. There is no information on any of the other bands. Odd. It's all pretty snotty, though.
  1. Sugar Britches - Love Jones
  2. Anti-U - 90 Year Old Nympho
  3. Dren - Debate
  4. FYP - Out Of Range


global warming is a lie

Love always,

The Flat Earth Society.


headlines i regret seeing

Ew. Please, God, let the answer be "no".

doc hopper - chaser (1993 chainsaw safety)

Pop punk from New England (Boston via Maine). These guys were pretty prolific in the early 90's. I wouldn't say they were overlooked, but in the ended their talent dwarfed their popularity.

Chris Pierce would also play in Deadguy, For Science, and Sinkhole.
  1. Melcher
  2. Summit
  3. Up Around The Bend (Creedence Clearwater Revival)



overlap - feeling happy (1994 insta-noise)

Mid 90's pop-punk from Laguna Niguel. Pretty typical of what was going on in SoCal back then. Heavy Screeching Weasel influence. Song #9 could almost pass as Screeching Weasel song.
  1. The World Of Make-Believe
  2. Song #9
  3. Happy Ending


a bold plan drawn up by assholes to screw morons

not creepy. at all.


he's better than me

missing the point

I think maybe the best thing Mark Sanford could have done was have an affair. Because that has deflected the focus from why he should be be forced to resign.

So, he had an affair. Woop de doo. Breaking news: people, especially politicians, have affairs. That's not special. But what people don't do, at least if they expect to keep their jobs, especially when that job is being the governor of a state, is disappear without a trace for five days without notice.

I don't care if he was having an affair or actually hiking the Appalachian Trail. The dereliction of duty aspect of his little jaunt is a firing offense, and it boggles my mind that he is still in office. The affair, the deceipt, and the abuse of taxpayer money to fund the deceitful affair are all gravy. 

zoinks! / narcissistic freds split (1994 satan's pimp/second guess)


Couple of Reno bands. I've already posted a few Zoinks! 7"'s. Zoinks would become the better known band, but in my opinion NF were the better band. That's not meant to be a  slight on Zoinks!, who I obviously like very much. 
  1. Z! - False Face
  2. Z! - New Shoes
  3. NF - Invisible Man
  4. NF - Pacifier
  5. NF - Fix


the human condom

Another fake. Gots to be. First of all, why is getting inside a balloon your great white whale? Is it the Howie Mandel glove-on-the-head for the X-TREME generation? Plus it sounds like a goddamn Neil Hamburger routine. "Well, my head's inside. Hmmmm. Whoa. Hmmm." And did he bust out a "drat"? I know I heard "Dang it." But the deadpan of "I'm becoming trapped in the ballon," is the piece de resistance here. That's golden.

Anyways, third time's a charm, dude. 


i'm calling bullshit

Nice try, guys. Between the magic under-the-covers disrobing, the attempt to use the remote as a dildo, the quick closet journey, abusing your self with a boot, screaming like a little girl, and doing an impression of sizzling bacon, this just doesn't pass the smell test. Fakers.

Still, I laughed.



the proms - bubble bath (1997 mutant pop)

If pop-punk existed in the 50's, this is what it would sound like.

If I were to make a list of the most overlooked punk albums of the 90's, The Proms first full-length would definitely be in the top 10. If I were to make that same list for singles, this might be on it as well. It blows my mind that nobody knows anything about this band.

My only complaint is that the 7" is really fuzzy sounding, and it's not my record player's fault. I worked some Audacity noise-removal magic, hopefully it didn't degrade the music too much.

Bassist Josh Yakunich would later play with the Beatnik Termites.
  1. Spike A-Da Punch
  2. Rock All Night
  3. Like Like Like
  4. She's Coming Over



re: autotune, i have change my mind

It rules.


mark the date, i am officially a prude

This is the straw that broke the camel's back:

Let's see, girl with mouth open, phallic shaped sandwich, emphasis on the word "blow", the "super seven incher", verrrrry subtle, Burger King. Michael Scott would have a field day with this.

Between this, pubes in Old Spice ads, Quizno's begging Scott to "put it in me", Carl's Jr inducing boners (twice), and being absolutely horrified every time SC watches MTV, I am officially a bitter old man who longs for simpler times, when you didn't need blowjob allusions to sell a burger, you just needed Costanza dancing in the street.

Don't get me wrong. I am definitely getting one of those. The burger, not a bj, you sickos.


the ultimate sin

William Saletan admits what most people suspected: He believes sex to some sort of heinous sin.

I know, I know...he was referring to sex in regards to an affair, blah blah blah. Right. Whatever. The headline as posted is consistent with his writing.

the most gullible blogger alive

The award goes to...

(drum roll)

Erick Erickson from RedState! 

First, we need to be clear on the facts -- not the media speculation:

-- Sanford did tell his staff and family where he was going.
-- Because he was traveling without a security detail, it was in his best interests that no one knew he was gone.
-- His political enemies -- Republicans at that -- ginned up the media story.
-- When confronted by a pestering media, things went downhill.
-- Again though, at all times there was no doubt that Sanford's staff and family knew where he was.
 Those are FACTS.


understand - s/t ep (1993 armed with anger)

These guys were from England, but would have fit into the New York post-hardcore scene quite well. Quicksand and/or Sparkmarker would be a good reference point.
  1. Forgot
  2. Insufficient
  3. Obsession


cletus - more songs about other people's girlfriends (1998 mutant pop)

Pop punk from South Carolina (via a couple of other states). Between missing Governors and politico's using Twitter to send racist jokes, I think Cletus and Stephen Colbert may be the only things redeeming the state (well, I hear the BBQ is quite good as well).

I analyzed this in Audacity, and side two (songs 3 & 4) was recorded louder than side one. I tried to fix it with MP3Gain, but side two may still sound a bit louder.

  1. Rachel Said
  2. 8 Ways To Hate You
  3. Amy Left Me For Some Emo Guy
  4. Beer



drudge and sanford

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford hasn't been seen since Thursday (for background, TPM is all over this. But Drudge currently has these two links posted:

But the story in the first link does not indicate the governor has been found at all. It says his staff says he is hiking on the Appalachian Trail, but wouldn't give specifics. As of right now, no one has seen the guy since he left Thursday. That's a lot different than "Governor Found"

The second linked story says:
  • He told his staff he would be hiking the Appalachian Trail
  • He told his wife he was writing something. While hiking the Appalachians?
  • He told his wife he needed "some space to get away from the kids." On Father's Day weekend?
  • His last known location (using cell phone towers) was near Atlanta, which is far enough south of the start of the trail to raise eyebrows.
If this was a Friday, Saturday, Sunday thing, it would be an issue, but easily explained away. But we're going on the fourth work day the Governor has not been seen, and South Carolinians are supposed to be okay with his staff's assurances? Who is running South Carolina? Not even the Lt. Governor knows.

I'm sure by the time I wake up, this will all be figured out and explained away. But right now, none of it makes sense. Yet if you get your news through Drudge, you'd think it's trivial, old news.


we all scream


the one where i fix california

  1. Don't double or triple the car registration fees, just raise it $20 on everyone. 
  2. Tax to-go orders on food. That's at least 40 cents for every $5 footlong. 
  3. Legalize it! And tax it up the ying yang. 
  4. Release anyone from jail who's in on marijuana possession or cultivation for personal use. 
  5. Extra tax on fast food. 
  6. Extra tax on cigarettes. 
  7. Extra tax on soda pop. 
  8. Extra tax on liquor. 
  9. Extra tax on candy bars. 
  10. Give state empoyees incentives for cutting costs. I've been a state employee for seven years now, and it's insane how much waste there is. Not on employee salaries, but on stuff like paper, leaving lights on, leaving computers on, traveling to meaningless conferences, etc. The importance of being efficient has simply never been a priority.
  11. Allow state agencies some flexibility in purchasing supplies. Prices online or at places like Fry's are a fraction of what contractors charge. The prices paid to contractors is ridiculous. 
  12. Stop using the PIA, a racket if there ever was one.  Use prison labor to build furniture, then overcharge agencies to buy the most hideous, unusable crap ever. Um, Ikea, anyone?

Am I raising taxes? Yes, but all are avoidable, except for the registration fees. Get over it.

You're welcome.

palapa charbroiled chicken

I found myself in Chula Vista recently, so I figured I'd use the opportunity to hit up a place I read about on a San Diego food blog - Palapa Charbroiled Chicken.

It feels kind of like a nice taco shop, but instead of burritos, they have an extensive menu of wraps (as well as smoothies, fruit salad, licuados, etc). Now, I have no idea what the difference between a burrito and a wrap actually is. My "California Wrap" consisted of a tortilla, chicken, cheese, potatoes, and salsa. But I guess since it was a wrap, and not a burrito, it was healthy, right?

Whatever you wanna call it, it was great. Everything tasted very fresh, and the tortilla (a make or break item for me), was excellent.

Palapa has many different hot sauces to choose from. But the one I gravitated to was the one pictured. I don't know what it was called, but it was practically all seeds. Even though I like my sauce very hot, this scared the hell out of me. But it was not as hot as it appeared. It was actually very flavorful. I need to find out what kind of peppers were used, because it was awesome.

They also have 99 cent fish tacos that kick ass. I don't know what's going on with all the really good 99 cent fish tacos (El Zarape, Mariscos German, etc), but I am certainly not complaining.

Palapa is definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in Chula Vista.

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against all authority - live at the fireside bowl 7-16-95 (1996 - v.m.l.)

Florida ska-punk, tilted in favor of punk. The was part of the V.M.Live series on V.M.L. Records(V.M.L. was started by The Vindictives; it stands for Vindictives Music Ltd.)

Full disclosure: I cheated. My vinyl is pretty thrashed, so I used the Liberation Records reissue and adjusted the tags accordingly. Same music, just better quality.
  1. Destroy What Destroys You
  2. It Really Sucks
  3. Another Fuck You Song
  4. We Won't Submit
  5. Walking Revolution
  6. Chelsea Baby



father's day

It's both Father's Day and the 10th anniversary of my father's death. I'm doing my best at putting on the happy face, but yeah, a rough day.

I happened to stumble upon Tiger Woods putt to force a playoff in the U.S. Open. My Dad really, really liked Tiger Woods, and watching him was one of the things that brought him joy as his health detioriated. So that was a pretty special moment for me.

Dad was no slouch with a golf club himself.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. I miss you terribly.

UPDATE: Oops, looks like the Tiger Woods thing was a repeat, not live. 



Deadspin is doing a series describing the ways that every baseball stadium sucks. The latest installment covered Angel Stadium. I was just at Angel Stadium last Saturday and here is my personal observation of why Angel stadium sucks:

Nevermind that it was actually a drunk, obnoxious Padres fan that spewed chunks everywhere and nearly cleared out an entire section. It was at Angel Stadium, and therefore it gets the blame. I mean can you really blame Padres fans for puking after watching them play? Most nights, it's one step above Two Girls One Cup.


Needed some good news after the puppy skinning story, and I got it.
A New York Times reporter who was kidnapped by the Taliban has escaped and made his way to freedom after more than seven months of captivity in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

boris the sprinkler - drugs and masturbation (1995 mutant pop)

SweetTart© fueled goofball punk rock straight outta Green Bay, Wisconsin. Rev. Nørb, who may or may not have a face like Charles Bronson, and is not just a singer in this band, used to pen a column for MRR (and the short-lived Hit List), and currently writes for Razorcake. The intro for this version of "Drugs And Masturbation" is pretty much an aural version of a Rev. Nørb column (if you listen closely, you can even hear the parentheses [and the brackets within parentheses]). 
Although the B-side lists "Yeah Yeah" and "Yeah Yeah No", these are completely different songs than the songs with the same titles that have appeared on other Boris The Sprinkler EP's. I don't really know the story behind that.The Mutant Pop catalog says there are multiple versions of this, so perhaps it's not just the cover/vinyl color that's different, but the songs as well.
  1. Drugs And Masturbation (Extended Pacific Northwest Hit Novelty Single Version)
  2. Yeah Yeah
  3. Yeah Yeah No

Here's a video of Nørb on Jenny Jones:



bob loblaw law blog


scary movie

heartwarming story of the day

Humanity is the devil.

MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - A 23-year-old woman who got a friend to kill her Jack Russell terrier was charged with skinning the puppy to make a belt out of its hide.

the poo poo platters - is riff randle dead? ep (vietnam records)

New Jersey punk band that at times reminds me of The Vindictives. This was released in the mid-90's, but I haven't been able to isolate the exact year. The cover/insert does not help, nor does Teh Google. Help?

  1. Is Riff Randle Dead
  2. Girl At The Mall
  3. Paradox
  4. OCD
  5. Tinnitus



a thousand words


no lessons no talent - s/t (1998)

Yet another band I know next to nothing about. They are from Germany and uh....one of the dudes plays in a band called Lost Lyrics. That's all I got.
  1. Intro
  2. Legalized Murder
  3. We Won`t Take It
  4. Strychnine
  5. Roses For My Hunter
  6. No Solution
  7. Victim Of The Night


i.n.d. - s/t ep (1992 watchmen)

Aside from what's actually on the record (they are from Lockport, NY, band members, etc), I know nothing about this band. I don't even know what I.N.D. stands for. Musically, these guys wanted to be Biohazard something fierce.
  1. Maxed
  2. Fight On Sight
  3. Take Control
  4. State Of Your Art


jon cougar concentration camp - jon cougar punk explosion ep (1995 missing)

One of the better known San Diego punk bands from the 90's. Chris Fields and Dave Swain played in the Queers. Dave still plays in the Queers. Chris is now in the Dwarves.

This was rereleased on Mutant Pop Records, I don't know if that differs in any way except the artwork.
  1. Georgina
  2. But, She's
  3. Go Away
  4. Above It All




attack from both sides 7" (1993 stiff pole)

Florida vs Southern California.

No Fraud and Psycho Tribe represent Florida, while Face To Face and Rhythm Collision represent California.

  1. No Fraud - In The Fall Sky
  2. Face To Face - Promises
  3. Rhythm Collision - Awake
  4. Psycho Tribe - Heart Attack




What? The Iranian election might have been rigged? YOU'RE SHITTING ME!

I don't understand why I'm supposed to believe all these terrible things about the Iranian government AND that they also hold clean elections. If X then Y. Duh. Yeah, I realize reformist candidates have won before, but still, is this that big of a shock?

But, I do agree that, if you want to avoid riots, at least make the results look believable.


Sometimes Pat Buchanan confuses me. We all know he's a right-wing racist, but there are times, epsecially when he's discussing foreign policy, that he mutes the racism (or merely refocuses it) and sounds reasonable to me. I guess it's not, pardon the pun, black or white. But then, I have to reconcile his racism towards minorities in America with his general support of Palestinians. It doesn't really make sense, unless you think that maybe Buchanan doesn't so much support Palestinians as he hates Jews, which is not exactly a crazy notion.

But having to actually think about the sometimes hypocritical positions of Pat Buchanan gives me a headache. Therefore I prefer the old, easy-to-hate, openly racist Pat Buchanan. At least he was honest, and not, as Abraham Lincoln observed, adulterated “with the base alloy of hypocrisy."

And as it turns out, the old Pat is back, if he really ever went away.



poor jason voorhees


the extremes - s/t ep (1979 test tube)

I am trying to break your heart: Gary Cherone is not to be found on this. This is actually a pre-Youth Brigade Shawn and Mark Stern band (Maicol Sinatra [aka Michael Shwartz] and Christian Kuhni rounded out the band). But be warned, this sounds nothing like Youth Brigade. This is a late 70's synth-punk record.
  1. Bloody Yellow
  2. Ephemeral Living
  3. Animals Part 3
  4. Mr. Moto


bang your head



for neo-nazis, the "genius" bar is quite low

I keep reading how associates of James Von Brunn refer to him as a "genius". Let's see some of that brilliant thinking:

The Holocaust is a lie. Obama was created by Jews. Obama does what his Jew owners tell him to do. Jews captured America's money. Jews control the mass media.
What insight! I have never heard those theories before. 

dig dug - whoa...a dig dug seven inch (1998 rebound)

Pop punk from the 90's Houston scene that  spawned The Tie That Binds and Sore Loser, who Dig Dug unsurprisingly remind me of, since Matt Juarez sang in both bands. This isn't groundbreaking, it's just good.
  1. Van/Burntout
  2. Intersection
  3. Versace



eats, shoots and leaves

Not the time for a run on sentence.


nazi punks (and their grandparents), fuck off

You spend your whole life railing against blacks and Jews. You're anti-Government views are so rabid that you actually tried to hold board members of the Federal Reserve hostage. FAIL. You are approaching 90 years old, so this hatred has been simmering for decades. Before you die, you probably want to make some sort of statement. So what do you do? You go to the Holocaust Memorial and.....murder a  Security Guard? Que macho!

You must be so proud of yourself, asshole. Just for you, I desperately hope God is a Black Jew. 

chances are - perfect (1995 humble)

Punk band from King City, CA (it's tucked away in the coast range). They are always listed as Chances Are... but with x's for the periods, so like CHANCES ARExxx, which confuses me, because that insinuates that they are a straightedge band, and maybe they are, but I don't see or hear it. The sound is typical mid-90's California punk, and I see no obvious sXe lyrics. Color me confounded.  I like that their last.fm profile calls them "very influential". No offense, guys, but really?
  1. Perfect
  2. Tight Wad
  3. Cheese Cake
  4. Broken Wheel




cleveland bound death sentence - s/t ep (1997 thd)

One of my favorite releases of the 90's. Contains the two best CBDS songs - "Rumble Seats And Running Boards" and "Baltimore," the latter being the one of the best punk rock "love songs" ever.

CBDS was a Minnesota-East Bay punk partnership, heavy on the MN, featuring Patrick Costello (Dillinger Four, The Arrivals), Aaron Cometbus (Crimpshrine, Pinhead Gunpowder and way too many other bands to contemplate), Emily (The Salteens), and Spitball (Oswald Armageddon).
  1. Rumble Seats And Running Boards
  2. Love American Style
  3. The Difference Between Us And Them
  4. Drain
  5. Good Thing
  6. Baltimore


paper towels

i would have never guessed


sign of the times

I've never understood  the appeal of paying $200 to rent a glamourized bed for less than 24 hours, but hey, that's just me.
SAN DIEGO – The W Hotel in downtown San Diego is headed for foreclosure, following a decision by the owner that the once high-priced property is so devalued it's no longer worth the $65 million that is owed.

Boo hoo. 

colbert rules

He just does.

trial - through the darkness ep (1996 crimethinc)

Straight edge hardcore from Seattle. Features Derek Harn (Himsa), Mike Green (Himsa), Timm McIntosh (Champion), and Greg Bennick, who is now, apparently, a corporate speaker and filmmaker.
  1. Through The Darkest Days
  2. Cycle Of Cruelty
  3. Scars
  4. For The Kids


the hangover

I saw The Hangover Saturday night. I can't remember the last time I went to a movie that was actually sold out, but this one was. So I wasn't surpised to see it take the #2 spot over the weekend, managing to beat Land Of The Lost (btw, Chiller had a LOTL marathon this weekend and holy shit was that the lamest show ever [sober, at least] - I cannot fathom how it justified a movie. What's next? Steve Carrell in H.R. Pufenstuf?).

The movie was very funny. Ed Helms and Zack Galifianakis fuel the movie. In fact my only major complaint is that the part of the best man was completely miscast. The role, "Phil," is played by Bradley Cooper, and he comes across as a total, unsympathetic douche. I hated the guy from the moment he appeared on screen. Thing is, I can't tell if I hate the character or Bradley Cooper himself. I'm sure he's a nice guy in real life, but every time I see him, I think of the jackass boyfriend in Wedding Crashers (the only other movie of his I've seen). Maybe the character was designed to be a douche, I don't know. But I kept thinking how different, and how awesome, the role would have been if played by Vince Vaughn. I know VV would have demanded a ton of money, and I know he probably would not want to be associated with another Vegas or wedding movie. But still, no offense to Bradley Cooper, he would have pushed The Hangover from "Very Funny" to "All-Time Classic". Should have backed up the Brinks truck.

The movie ends on a high note, which elicited a standing ovation in the theater. Keep your eyes out for a shot that I can't believe is actually real, and if it is, HOLY SHIT.

Hopefully, the success of the movie will lead to more opportunities for Helms and Galifianakis, and hopefully they pick and choose future endeavors carefully and ignore crap like Land Of The Lost movies.

shelter - message of the bhagavat ep (1995 supersoul)

Formed by Ray Cappo (Youth Of Today), Shelter were the stalwarts of the 90's Krishna-core scene.
  1. Message Of The Bhagavat
  2. Civilized Man



limp wrist - limp wrist ep (2001 paralogy)

Out of the ashes of Los Crudos (and a couple of othe bands), Limp Wrist was born. They, too, play straight up hardcore, short and fast, the way it was meant to be played. Also, they are straightedge. And gay. And awesome.
  1. Whats Up With The Kids
  2. Stabbed In The Back
  3. Punk Ass Queers
  4. Rainbows
  5. Recruiting Time
  6. Define
band site



it ain't easy being mr. pink


too soon?

A few days ago, I deleted The Whitest Kids U'Know from my DVR list since it hasn't made me laugh once in at least a year, and maybe ever. And then the next day, David Carradine happens. Coincidence?


If you asked me to explain exactly why this is hilarious, I don't think I could. Nevertheless...


zoinks! - dump-eye ep (1993 satan's pimp/second guess)

Reno-based Zoinks! play upbeat pop-punk, but the lyrics, eh - not so upbeat. Songs typically deal with some sort of disaffection, more often than not job related. One of the more unheralded bands of the 90's. Zac Damon would play for a bit with Screeching Weasel.
  1. Carcinogen
  2. Yearbook
  3. Locked In


pretty fly for a white guy

20 years


da toddlers - da toddlers ep (1995 diy)

(no cover art, lonnie....help?)

Back in the mid-90's, I hosted a punk show called Main That Tune at Fresno State (90.7 KFSR). I was a pretty lame host, but I think I played some pretty cool shit. Unfortunately, the show was from midnight to three, and had a rather small audience. The same cast of characters would call in every week, and among them was Lonnie. Lonnie was a punk in a really obnoxious way. Like, one time after I played an FYP song, Lonnie called to complain because I announced the name of the band. I think the way it was supposed to work was if I named the band, then people would know who they were, and then maybe go out and buy it and FYP would be the new Green Day.Or something.

But Lonnie's obnoxiousness was his charm. At on one point he dropped by the studio to give me a 7" from his band to play on the show. This is that 7".  It's a little bit of FYP, a little bit of Grimple, and a whole lot of a few snotty punks being obnoxious (in the best way).  A friend of mine (R.I.P.) would later join the band, and they would release a 7" on the great Six Weeks Records. Lonnie went on to form Hatemail Killerz and Straight Edge Kegger, among many other bands.
  1. Perversion Of A Toddler
  2. Mom Don't Tell Me To Grow Up
  3. Hav'n Fun
  4. Don't Wanna Go
  5. A Day At The Playground
  6. Proffesional Toddler


when irish eyes are lying

God Bless David Brock and Media Matters for America.

O'Reilly is now denying he ever called George Tiller "Tiller The Baby Killer". He claims he was simply "reporting" what other groups were calling him.

I don't know how O'Reilly keeps forgetting that he is on a televised show which can be and is recorded and archived. All MMFA had to do was cue up what O'Reilly actuallyt said.

  • On the May 15 edition of The O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly stated that Kathleen Sebelius, who was then the governor of Kansas and is now secretary of health and human services, "is the most pro-abortion governor in the United States. Based upon Dr. Tiller, the baby killer in her state, and all of that. All right? So there's no doubt."
  • On the May 11 edition of The O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly said Sebelius "is pro-abortion. She wants the babies done for. This is -- she supported Tiller the baby killer out there."
  • On the April 27 edition of The O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly said that Sebelius "recently vetoed a bill that placed restrictions on late-term abortions in Kansas. The bill was introduced because of the notorious Tiller the baby killer case, where Dr. George Tiller destroys fetuses for just about any reason right up until the birth date for $5,000."
  • On the April 3 edition of The O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly said, "Tiller got acquitted in Kansas, Tiller the baby killer."
  • On the March 27 edition of The O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly stated: "Now, we have bad news to report, that Tiller the baby killer out in Kansas -- acquitted. Acquitted today of murdering babies. I wasn't in the courtroom. I didn't sit on the jury. But there's got to be a special place in hell for this guy." 
Here's the video.

Off the immediate subject, but tangentially related, you should definitely read David Brock's Blinded By The Right, one of the better political memoirs out there.


Craig T. Nelson, aka Coach, is an idiot. And not just for insisting on that "T":
I've been on food stamps and welfare. Anybody help me out? No. No.


conan commercials

I watched the first night of Conan on the Tonight Show, and it was alright. Missing a bit of the edge, but I'm sure some punches need to be pulled for that 11:30 slot. I like Conan, but I probably won't be watching much of the Tonight Show. For starters, I have a sentimental attachment to David Letterman. More importantly, though, is that the Daily Show and the Colbert Report have become my late night TV fix.

So you probably know that the Colbert Report goes head to head with the tonight show at 11:30. So why am I seeing promos for Conan during The Daily Show? It's a brilliant move by NBC, but I don't understand how CBS/Viacom (owners of Comedy Central) allows it to happen. Either A) there's a rule that if someone buys ad time and makes a non-offensive ad, you have to air it or B) NBC is paying a shit-ton of money to Comedy Central.

In any case, it's just strange.

eye rape

The acid-washed jeans of the 00's, amirite?

bulldog pride

I absolutely did not attend a redneck school. No sireebob.


I don't think I've ever given them this much thought, but yeah, fuck umbrellas.

bin laden has nothing on vince shamwow

One of the things conservatives love to mock Democrats about is our desire to have the rest of the world like us. That's fine, they like to play the role of the bad-ass with other people's lives; I get that. But they completely misunderstand our reasons. It's not because of some kumbaya, peace and love, toke it up, hippy mentality. It's because it makes our lives easier.

For instance: If Osama Bin Laden were to say, "Bush and his administration have sowed new seeds of hatred against America," well, as much as I hate to say it, he's right.

But what Bin Laden actually said is "Obama and his administration have sowed new seeds of hatred against America." That's practically laughable. Sure not everyone loves us again. Obama has made mistakes which have antagonized some people in the Middle East, fo' sho'. But on the whole, our standing is much improved in the world.

I don't even think Bin Laden believes his rhetoric these days. He reminds me of Elaine's Communist boyfriend - that bubble has burst. People just ain't buying what you're selling anymore, dude.  Throw in a SlapChop or something.

naked aggression - keep your eyes open (1992 broken rekids)

L.A. via East Bay via Wisconsin anarcho-punk band. If I remember correctly, they picked up a member or two from Fresno along the way. Ah, Google confirms it - Meghan Mattox is from Fresno. I remember a guy from Fresno also being in the band, but at my old age, the memory may be playing tricks on me.
  1. Media
  2. Right Now
  3. Revolt
  4. Walkin' Around
  5. Ode To A Fucked Up World


wait, what?

Did Sadly, No! just say these two clowns go (went?) to Dartmouth?

When I read Yglesias (Harvard),or Josh Marshall (Princeton, Brown), I get it. Those dudes are way smarter than I ever was by multitudes, and it puts my State education in perspective. It makes sense.

But I guess I erroneously concluded that the Ivy league was a genius factory, because these guys have me looking at that Fresno State diploma with pride.

The University of Phoenix would disown that shit.



It's easy to paint George Tiller as the devil because he provided late term abortions and leave it at that. I guess it'd be too much work to actually get the perspective of his horrible patients, who must be the worst people in the world for going to see a monster like Tiller.
"Conjoined twins alone is not what was so difficult but the way they were joined meant that at best only one child would survive the surgery to separate them and the survivor would more than likely live a brief and painful life filled with surgery and organ transplants....The nightmare of our decision and the aftermath was only made bearable by the warmth and compassion of Dr. Tiller and his remarkable staff."
The stories are painfully similar: A couple is thrilled to be expecting a baby, only to see a doctor's face turn grim during a routine ultrasound. Something is terribly wrong. And whatever the specific diagnosis is, the prognosis is essentially the same: If your baby lives, it will suffer constantly and die young.

crocodile tears

It irks me when people like O'Reilly "condemn" George Tiller's murder and then go on and talk about what a monster he was. I wish someone would ask Bill a simple question: Are you glad George Tiller is dead? If the answer is no, I'd like to see him reconcile that with all of his previous rhetoric. If yes, well, then kudos for honesty, shitbag.

suburban voice ep - jccc, tub, fed up (1997 suburban voice)

Free 7" that came with an issue of Suburban Voice, but for the life of me I can't determine which issue. It's from 1996 and the release number is SV-017 if that helps.
  1. Jon Cougar Concentration Camp - Just For You
  2. Tub - Today
  3. Fed Up - Then They'll Play
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best. bus. evar.

another saletan conundrum

Is it wrong to murder an abortionist?
A: Yes.

I'd hate to be behind Saletan at the grocery store when the clerks asks, "paper or plastic?"