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Here's where all the free money that OpenSky threw my way went.



My question:
Problem: I have a Kindle Fire. Love the New Yorker app. I'm migrating to the Nexus 7 tablet and am sad to find out there is no New Yorker app. Are there plans for all us new Nexus 7 fans? Thanks.
The response: 
Dear Subscriber:

The digital edition for The New Yorker is currently available for the
iPad, Kindle Fire, and Nook Color. We hope to be able to offer apps for
other devices in the future.

If you should need further assistance, please be sure to include all
previous e-mail correspondence.

Thank you for contacting The New Yorker.


Well, no shit, Marcy. I hope, in the future, you will be able to as well. That's why I asked the freaking question. In the meantime, I'll continue to bug my wife by constantly "borrowing" the old Kindle Fire I gifted her.


#edhoculi at #awesomefest 5

I had never heard of Edhochuli before Awesomefest. I had of course heard of Ed Hochuli, the ripped NFL referee who cost the Chargers a win against the hated Broncos, but when you remove that space between the D and the H, you get the loudest band at Awesomefest 5. In a lineup of pop-punk bands, these kids were doing their own thing. Not that I didn't love the rest of the bands, but this (and Muhamadali, coming soon) was a much needed change of pace, and hopefully next Awesomefest mixes shit up a little more.

I've scoured the interent, and I cannot figure out what song this is. Help?


the old in out - soda bar, 2010

Defunct San Diego garage punkers at Soda Bar. I don't know the name of this song. Help?


the invalids at soda bar, 2010

90's pop-punkers The Invalids still play shows occasionally, so I was stoked when they rolled through SD in 2010. Here are some songs from that set.

Lead singer Scott is a great guy, so forgive him for the Raiders shirt.

There are 5 videos in the embedded playlist:

  • Wouldn't Care If I Died
  • Winter Of 96
  • The Party (Now)
  • Punker Than Me
  • Brent's Retarded



surfin' with slayer

everready at the casbah

This is an Everready set I recorded in September 2011. First song is missing, because I was late. The usual disclaimer: the Zoom Q3 captures great audio, buts sucks at video. You'll live.

Seeing Everready was great, but the show put a sour taste in my mouth. There were like 10 people there. It was like watching rehearsal. Yeah, it was a Thursday night, and work and yada yada yada. But at the time I was 39, with a full time job I had to be at the next morning, a wife, and a 5-month old kid (not at the show, duh) at home, and I still managed to make it. It's Everready, one of the finest bands San Diego has ever produced, making a rare appearance, and it's not sold out? I'm not a "punk", I don't drink, and I'm actually rather anti-social, yet I was there. What's your excuse, rest-of-San-Diego? Lame. 


the easiest job in america

...is being the editor of the Daily Beast. Because, assuming one exists, your don't have to do a damn thing. From today, since corrected:

Um, do you mean Allen West? The guy who's opinions are about the exact opposite of Cornel West? Which is spelled with one freaking L by the way.  How does this get to the publication stage? If the editor makes more than me I'm gonna freak out.