everready at the casbah

This is an Everready set I recorded in September 2011. First song is missing, because I was late. The usual disclaimer: the Zoom Q3 captures great audio, buts sucks at video. You'll live.

Seeing Everready was great, but the show put a sour taste in my mouth. There were like 10 people there. It was like watching rehearsal. Yeah, it was a Thursday night, and work and yada yada yada. But at the time I was 39, with a full time job I had to be at the next morning, a wife, and a 5-month old kid (not at the show, duh) at home, and I still managed to make it. It's Everready, one of the finest bands San Diego has ever produced, making a rare appearance, and it's not sold out? I'm not a "punk", I don't drink, and I'm actually rather anti-social, yet I was there. What's your excuse, rest-of-San-Diego? Lame. 

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