i spy / ...but alive split ep (1997 diy)

I Spy were from Canada and remind one of Propagandhi a bit, both musically and politically. Not surprising that Todd Kowalski would go on and replace John Samson in  Propagandhi.

...But Alive were from Germany and also played political punk rock, but have a cleaner sound than I Spy. 

  1. IS - You'll Never Smash The State
  2. IS - Shamus' Nuts
  3. IS - In 20 Years 
  4. BA - Es Sei Denn, Du Bist Snake Plisken
  5. BA - Ich Möchte Ilona Christen Die Brille Von Der Nase Schlagen


nobodys - minus one (1995 just add water)

Nobodys were one of my favorite snotty punk bands of the mid-90's. Their later stuff, it seemed like they were trying too hard to be obnoxious. But in their prime, that obnoxiousness flowed naturally.

  1. What I Really Need
  2. Dink
  3. Don't Touch Me
  4. Scapegoat
  5. Had A Friend
  6. Constipated


so you think you can douche?

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
So You Think You Can Douche
Daily Show
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1 idiot, 1 tattoo

I am very interested to know the thought process that led to this.


great idea

I've always thought that if I was in charge of programming at a radio station, my first choice for a talk show host would be someone who struggles to form a coherent sentence.
Inside Radio reports that “While not exactly shopping the GOP’s 2008 vice presidential candidate, sources say Palin representatives have been quietly testing the waters to see how much interest radio syndicators have for her.”

In related news, I will now be testing the waters to see how much interest Chippendales has for me.

the peechees - scented gum (1996 lookout)

Fantastic Oakland garage punk. For whatever reason these guys (and gals) never quite git the exposure they deserved. Members have played in bands such as Rice, Bratmobile, The Pattern, Beehive and The Barracudas, among others. 

Produced by John Reis (Rocket From The Crypt)

  1. Genuine Article
  2. Tea Biscuit To Show
  3. Olive Oil
  4. Tomfoolery


if this is fit

Please let me know.

Really. Because then I don't wanna be fit.


I'm sure you've seen this a million times, so here's 1,000,001.

Palin 2012!

if american idol had more nofx...

...I might consider watching. Until then, Indonesian Idol pwns.


math is hard

Bill O'Reilly, math wizard:




some will lose


masked raiders - s/t (1989 le silence de la rue)

The Masked Raiders were a UK rock band with a slight punk influence. At least that's my thought listening to this. But everything about them online seems to classify them as metal. When I listen again with that in mind, yeah, I can see that. "Dear Executioner" is definitely the more "metal" of the songs.
  1. Dear Executioner
  2. Hate In Her Head


total passover - shalom motherfucker (1991 final jeopardy)

Jewish punk from Iowa? Whodathunk?

Warning: contains deep, philosophical lyrics. Sample chorus: "I saw your penis".
  1. Shower Door
  2. American Provincial
band site


joe arpaio is a piece of shit

I already knew as much, but this New Yorker article confirms it as fact.

Not investigating violent crimes while you focus on immigration?

Having the Sheriff's Department conduct raids in city limits - at city hall, no less - without telling the chief of police?

Furthermore, just about all measurable statistics are worse under Arpaio. Yet he keeps getting re-elected, practically beatified, by 'Zonies.

Why? Basically, Sheriff Joe is a meglomanic tapping into the xenophobic underpinnings of white Arizona. You know, the state that voted against a state holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr.  Imagine Bill O'Reilly as Sheriff. Egads.

The guy gets off on degradation and stripping people of any shred of dignity. I'm guessing him and his sick cadre of sycophants consider themselves fine upstanding Christians to boot.  

I encourage you to read the article.


kill the poor

In the midst of California's meltdown (thanks, Arnie), of course the first targets are programs for the poor. Republicans will always put programs for the poor on the chopping block before ever even considering any sort of tax increase, no matter what (cigs, liquor) or who, is affected (the richest among us). EVERY SINGLE TIME. That's who they are. And that's fine. It's their prerogative.

Except that, well, you know.

Naturally, it’s the party of Jesus – the champions of family values – that are leading the charge to kick poor kids off the health care rolls rather than raise taxes on the uber-wealthy/others.   Perhaps we need another symposium on how God-less Democrats can better connect to faith voters.   Is Amy Sullivan available?
Greed sure is a bitch though.  It’s as if the California GOP/voters are in a plane going down, and each would rather grasp their bag of gold than grab a parachute.   Or rather, they’d use a parachute for themselves and then use one for their gold rather than give it to a poor kid. 
Like Jesus would do.

Can I get an amen?


out of town

Heading to Pismo Beach for some head clearing.

There may be posts from the road, but certainly no 7"'s will be posted. That will resume Monday.

off with their heads / lemuria split ep (2009 suburban home)

Cover songs! Part of the "Under The Influence" series on Suburban Home.  OWTH do a Nobodys (feat Joe Queer) cover. While Lemuria take on the Pixies. I shouldn't have to mention that you should go and buy this. It's a limited run and comes on some pretty good looking colored vinyl (I have the pink/white). You also get a coupon code for the mp3's, so you don't have to rely on my shitty rips.
  1. OWTH - Scarred By Love
  2. Lemuria - Alec Eiffel 

Bonus: a ton of songs from the UTI series available streaming. Have I mention Suburban Home is awesome. Go give em some business!


everything sucks


the droids - moja kochana mamusia marysia mania (1996 beer city)

I first heard Wisconsin's The Droids back in '95 or '96 on a split with Boris The Sprinkler. I loved their side of the 7", but for whatever reason I never sought out anything else by them. Cut to 2009, I'm perusing used records at M-Theory, and lookie what I found. Took it home, listened to it, and my thoughts that The Droids may have been one of the more overlooked bands of the 90's punk scene was immediately confirmed. Kicking myself, as I could have been listening to this for the last 13 years if I wasn't such a lazy punk fan. Better late than never, I s'pose. They are to Poland what the Dropkick Murphy's are to Ireland. Except The Droids don't suck.
  1. The Number For
  2. Social Dog
  3. One Million Specs
  4. 6" Bobbitt
  5. Level 4



kill holiday - meant to let you down (1997 simba)

Turning away from the East Bay supergroups, we now have a San Diego supergroup. Kill Holiday was formed from the ashes of San Diego stalwarts Unbroken and and Amenity. Post-hardcore in a sort of Quicksand way (this was released before their turn towards a much more emo sound), with croon-ier vocals. Very good stuff. Side note: I used to work with Steve at an unnamed chain record store (hint: rhymes with "bare louse"), and can vouch that he is a goodfella and a true Padres fan. He now playes in Crushed On You.
  1. Meant To Let You Down
  2. One More Time For Me Please (Then I'll Go)




falling sickness / the nobodys split ep (1996 hopeless)

Riverside, CA's ska-influenced Falling Sickness team up with Colorado Springs snot punks The Nobodys.
  1. FS - Cut To Fit
  2. FS - Out Of Line
  3. N - Another Problem
  4. N - Dumbfuck
  5. N - I Could Kiss Ya

Falling Sickness last.fm
Falling Sickness myspace
Nobodys last.fm
Nobodys myspace




Someone close to me lost someone close to her today. The whole thing is a big, fat downer.  None of it makes any sense. That goes for this situation and for life in general. Some people have all the love a person can have, yet still feel all alone. Others have none, but seem to be fine.
life is the crummiest book I ever read,
there isn't a hook, just a lot of cheap shots,
pictures to shock and characters an amateur would never dream up

Positivety, as best I can muster, will return soon, so bear with me.

Today, I mourn.

R.I.P., A.I.

the gr'ups - s/t ep (1992 immature/zafio)

The Gr'ups (short for Grownups) were yet another East Bay supergroup. This time featuring Jesse Luscious (Blatz, The Criminals, The Frisk), Anna Joy (Blatz, Cypher In The Snow), Deb Disaster (Queen Mab), Kamala (Naked Aggression, Kamala and the Karnivores, Cringer), Matt Freeman (Operation Ivy, Rancid). 
Got to see them play at a benefit at a coffee shop in Mount Shasta. Good times. Anna Joy apparently lives here in SD now. Cool beans.  
  1. Almond Tree
  2. Rockabilly Song
  3. Oink
  4. Red Riding Hood
  5. Yer A Job



who is this is

Thank you very much, Gmail advertisers, but I already know my own email, address, and phone number.

But hey, thanks for trying to tap into the stalker market.

lots of cd's for sale on ebay

Hate to use this space to shill, but here goes. Economy is hitting me like most everyone else, so it's time to depart with a significant portion of my CD collection. If you're into punk and hardcore, I've listed some pretty good stuff - all for under $5 each including shipping. The Los Crudos discography went unsold! Can you believe that?

So if you're looking for some sweet music, head on over here. 5 cd's added daily.

the circus tents - hard up (1992 insurrection)

Grass Valley, CA's The Circus Tents are probably most famous because AFI did a cover of "Open Your Eyes". And musically CT have a lot in common with early AFI. That's a good thing.

Members went on th play in The Force and Cigar.
  1. Sick Of You
  2. Beer Commercials
  3. Grow Up
  4. Open Your Eyes



i'm shocked

What is it about Sarah Palin? Apparently, her offer last weekend to campaign for conservative Democrats after leaving office is falling on deaf ears.
Who would possibly expect a different result?
The Sarah Palin "phenonomenon" is not that complicated. 20% of hardcore Sean-Hannity-idolizing, conservatives love her. Worship her, even. That's it. 20%. That's where she tops out. Why people keep insisting there's some sort of widespread level of support for her, I have no idea. Can she draw crowds? Yeah, but from that die-hard 20%.
Democrats are not "scared" of her, contrary to what the McLaughlin types would have you believe. In fact, politically, nothing would make me happier than if she became the Republican nominee in 2012.
But it is not going to happen. The notion of it is ridiculous. Hear me now and believe me later. Sarah Palin will not be the Republican nominee in 2012. I gaurantee it.

the letterbombs (1996 harmless)

Like that Transformers tie-in in cover? Complete with mohawk and Black Flag tattoo.

Yet another Chicago band. Sheesh, when will it end? This time it's female-fronted punk rock. I guess that means I should reference Discount, but a female-fronted Bollweevils is more apropos. Scott, who ran Harmless Records, was in this band.
01. Blackhole
02. Typical Song
03. Piece of Meat
04. Cindy
05. Vagrant



second to last - one flew over the beacon house (1995 j-sin)

God, I have a weak spot for this sort of stuff. San Pedro's Second To Last doesn't do anything groundbreaking, they just play really good punk rock. Take early Pennywise, subtract the glossy production, add some Know Records and Recess Records influence, and you've got a great little record that got completely ignored.
  1. One More Time
  2. The End
  3. Motive
  4. Closer


yawn. i call this "tuesday"


matt bush is ronnie dobbs

The Padres scouting department should be extremely proud.

Y'all are brutalizing me.

It's easy to make fun of Matt Bush, but in all seriousness, he desperatley needs a mental health evaluation. He's been on a downward spiral for years, but it has really intensified of late. It's a fine line between comedy and tragedy.

bill kristol just fainted

Starbursts! Starbursts!


fixtures - screw the world (1994 know)

Another release from The Fixtures. I posted another release a few weeks ago, look here. "Screw The World" is the standout track here.
  1. Hard Head Full Of Hate
  2. Guilty
  3. Monkey Wrench
  4. Screw The World



some people should not be allowed to discuss hip-hop publicly

I am one of those people.

Spencer Ackerman is another, if he's gonna say things like this:
Jay-Z is possibly the best rapper and the best music-industry strategist alive. 

I love you, Spencer, but you have got to be joking. I'm not saying Jay-Z sucks, exactly, although he's not my cuppa tea.  But it's not like all the great MC's have passed away or something, and "greatest...alive" is pretty all-inclusive. As long as Rakim still has a pulse, I think that title is in safe hands for a while.

joe the dumber

Pelosi was right.

the connie dungs - missy and johnny (1995 harmless)

Nasally, snotty, pop punk straight outta Kentucky. Screeching Weasel and the Vindictives come to mind.
  1. Too Cruel
  2. Missy And Johnny
  3. Girls Are Always Mean To Me
  4. Blow Your Mind




the mr. t experience - alternative is here to stay (1995 lookout!)

One of the best pop-punk band's best pop-punk EP's. Insanely catchy, with Dr. Frank's simple yet brilliant lyrical wordplay. The CDEP of this adds a couple of songs, but we're keeping it real, yo.
  1. Alternative Is Here To Stay
  2. New Girlfriend



blue water

A co-worker told me about Blue Water. It's a fresh fish market/grill. It was featured on Food Network. I don't know how busy it was before the TV appearance, but when we went, it was insanely busy. 10 minutes to order, 40 minutes to get your food. I ordered a swordfish taco and a Hawaiian wahoo taco, whatever that is. They were both really good, but I'm not sure they justified the wait. Also, there is plenty of excellent fish in the taco, so there is no need to bury it in so much cabbage. Bottom line, check it out, but avoid peak hours at all costs.

Posted by ShoZu

isocracy - bedtime for isocracy (1988 lookout!)

The first and only Isocracy release. East Bay punk rock at its very finest. A punk rock supergroup, but no one at the time knew it; Isocracy was Al Sobrante, who helped form Green Day, Jason Beebout & Martin Brohm, later of Samiam, and Lenny Johnson (aka Len Rokk), later of Filth. A truly great 7 inch, especially when you consider this came out at punk rock's nadir.

  1. Zimbabwean Hell Rock (Slight Return)
  2. Rodeo
  3. Hippie Man
  4. Two Blocks Away
  5. Eight
  6. Amilyplympt Three
  7. Funky Brakewire
  8. Ten Seconds Of Anarchy
  9. Swisher Sweets
  10. Sgalf Etaredefnoc



f.y.p / the grumpies split ep (1998 recess)


Split E.P. dedicated to late F.Y.P bassist Joe "Stoots" Ciauri. F.Y.P side includes a rap song, Grumpies side includes a Lita Ford cover.

  1. F - Untamed & Useless
  2. F - Oink Joint
  3. G - De Niro
  4. G- Kiss Me Deadly (Lita Ford)


the one where i try my best not to invoke godwin's law

But a certain someone who's name rhymes with Shmadolf Kitler would probably agree with Brian Kilmead.

Cable news channels are sooooo necessary.


one is the lonliest number

i. Slaves helped build much of the Capitol.

ii. The House of Representatives introduces a bill establishing a marker acknowledging the contribution of slaves in the building of the Capitol be placed in Emancipation Hall.

iii. The bill passes. 399 for. One against.

iv. That one? Rep Steve King (R-IA).

v. Steve King's excuse?  "Last night I opposed yet another bill to erect another monument to slavery because it was used as a bargaining chip to allow for the actual depiction of 'In God We Trust' in the CVC. The Architect of the Capitol and liberal activists opposed every reference to America's Christian heritage, even to the extent of scrubbing 'In God We Trust' from the depiction of the actual Speaker's chair in the U.S. House of Representatives." blah blah blah "yet another effort to place guilt on future Americans for the sins of some of their ancestors"  blah blah "Judeo-Cristian heritage" blah blah.

vi. The uncomplicated, straightforward, four page, large font, double-spaced bill does not mention the phrase "In God We Trust" in any capacity, nor does it suggest the marker in question be anything other than an acknowledgment of the contributions of slaves.

vii. What the fuck is Steve King talking about?


the burning sensations - cuzima (1993 pyramid)

Yet another Fresno band. Not very prolific, but they were pretty fun. No idea what these guys are up to nowadays.
  1. Cuzima
  2. What Makes Me Tick
  3. Burning Blues
  4. Life Sucks


fourth grade nothing - jack frost (1997 abridged/dogmode)

Texas had a lot of really good pop-punk bands in the mid-90's. Fourth Grade Nothing was one of them. Very Green Day-ish. As a testament to their greatness, they were actually in the Bio-Dome soundtrack. I'm not kidding.
  1. Boneless
  2. Us
  3. Jack Frost


the al franken decade

I guess because I was such an avid listener of The Al Franken Show on Air America, I assumed that everybody already knew that Al Franken is an extremely intelligent guy who has a deep understanding of public policy issues. It appears that I was wrong - a lot of people seem to equate Franken with Jesse Ventura, believing that he got elected on solely because of his fame and not his knowledge of the issues. Even Democratic senators from Minnesota are guilty of this. (I am pretty certain that Klobuchar actually appeared on the show, so she really should know better)

The Al Franken Show was very funny. But it was also very smart. It was the most serious discussion of politics on the radio outside NPR.  Yet he is eclipsed by the shadow of Stuart Smalley. Ridiculous.


the mcknicknix - bizarre bazaar (1991 vandal children)

Late 80's/early 90's punk rock from Connecticut. The band would be reunited and rechristened No More Scene, only to beak up once again. Punks.

  1. No More Scene
  2. Beach Blonde
  3. Friday Night Blitzkrieg
  4. Scatterbrain
  5. Think Positive
  6. Vinally




Robert McNamara passed away. 

Being the key architect of the Vietnam war will always eclipse all the positive influences that he had on this country. But he did have a lot of positive influence. You can't just ignore that.

Which is why you should absolutely add The Fog Of War to your Netflix queue. The good and the bad, and a lot of regret.


dishwasher - music to wash dishes by - vol 1 ( 702 records)

Great little EP here. Vinyl companion to Pete Jordan's Dishwasher fanzine. 4 really good songs, including a fabulous stripped down version of "Born To Do DIshes" by The Queers. Stellar tracks by the always stellar Scared of Chaka and the Hi-Fives. Rounded out by a kick ass song by a band I never heard of outside this release, Ten-Four. Like I said, great EP.
  1. The Queers - Born To Do Dishes
  2. Ten-Four - Pete's Theme
  3. The Hi-Fives - Secret Sodas
  4. Scared Of Chaka - Dish Militia


afi / heckle split ep (1995 wingnut)

This split way was recorded way before AFI morphed into whatever the hell they have been doing for the past decade. Heckle never acheived the fame AFI did, but they deserved it. On this particular split, they are by far the better band. The end of "Something Real" has had a skip since I first bought it in '95. I've fixed the best I could.

And yes, I have the white vinyl if anyone wants to back up the Brinks truck.

(An email from anyone associated with AFI will get this taken down stat. No harm is meant by my little bloggity blog)
  1. A - Aspirin Free
  2. A - Advances In Modern Technology
  3. H- Lemmings
  4. H - Something Real 

Heckle lastfm


long distance dedication, to sarah palin


the unholy three - s/t ep (1997 rubber city)

Punishing hardcore from Ohio. Members would go on to form Don Austin.Very good stuff, shame they weren't more popular.
  1. She Told Me Things That Were True
  2. Isma'il's Bloodline
  3. Blight
  4. The Diablos Crowned Project
  5. Eclipsed
  6. Leaving Nod In Shame



stranger than fiction

I'm getting sick of all these midget-wrestlers-overdose-after-they-hire-prostitutes-who-drug-them-and-rob-them stories. It's quickly becoming a cliche.

Lucha mini wrestlers La Parkita and El Especrito (real names Alberto & Alejandro Jimenez) were found dead Monday inside a hotel room in Mexico City. According to local authorities, the two wrestlers had brought two prostitutes back to their hotel. The prostitutes drugged their drinks and then robbed them. The hotel clerk told police that he saw the four go into the room at around 6AM on Monday and that the two women left roughly 12 hours later. Due to their small size, the drugs ended up killing them. Both were 35.


I may not be a counter-terrorism expert, but it is my humble opinion that if Al Qaeda or any other terrorist group never attacks the United States again, then that would be a good thing.

But I guess that makes me your typical America-hating, latte-sipping Liberal. If I was a patriot who truly loved this country, I would be a-wishin' and a-hopin' that Al Qaeda would attack us, maybe even with nuclear weapons, because that would give us the motivation to stop them from attacking us.

That's insane talk, right? But what other conclusion can you deduce from this conversation between (sigh) Glenn Beck and Michael Scheuer?
Scheuer has tried to backtrack somewhat in the comments of an Ackerman post (where he feels comfortable throwing around the "Socialism" charge), but A) he said what he said, and he said it clearly: "The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States." and B) he went on to Glenn Beck's show, a den of crazy to begin with, to make that point.
The 'Toot: 
Seriously.  His argument boils down to this: if America isn’t attacked again, we as a nation will never do what it takes to keep America safe from being…attacked again. 
I know I’m repeating myself here, but the argument is just so magnificent in its self-refuting circularity that I can’t help but stand in awe.  Even Orwell would have left that scene on the cutting room floor, deeming it too much of a strain on the credulity of the audience. 
And yet, there is Glenn “Batshit Crazy” Beck nodding along as if these were the wisest words he’d ever heard.  His retort is brilliant in its own right:
Which is why I was thinking, if I were [Osama] that is the last thing I would do right now.
So, Osama wouldn’t want to screw up his chances of setting off a WMD in America at some later date by…setting of a WMD in America now.  I…but…the point is…he would…why is there blood coming out of my nose?


Wavves "No Hope Kids" from Pete Ohs on Vimeo.

I mostly like Wavves - SD REPRESENT! Doesn't live up to all the hype, but who does? The guy certainly writes some pretty decent pop songs, though. It's not his fault Pitchfork jizzed in their collective jeans and triggered a tsunami of unrealistic expectations.

I'm 37 and way out of the loop when it comes to what the kids are listening to. But I occasionally try to keep track of what the cool kids listen to. And lately it's been one disappointment after another. Wavves is about the lone bright spot. But the rest, Fleet Foxes, Jay Reatard, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Grizzly Bear, etc - I simply cannot get into. It's probably because I'm old and jaded, but there wasn't a memorable song in the bunch. I'd be happy to hear examples of why I'm wrong.

And what the hell is with the overly distorted vocals? It's not exactly revolutionary. If one of these bands were to do it, fine. But when three of the most hyped bands I've been exposed to lately are doing it (Wavves, The Oh Sees, Ty Segall), well then I start to think that maybe that's what is getting the bands hyped in the first place. A style over substance type thing. But indie rock fans couldn't be that gullible, right? In any case, the distorted vocals thing is the indie rock version of AutoTune.

As for a unifying theory behind this post, there isn't one. /andyrooneyrant

meet grace

EMBED-Drunk Girl Smashes Her Face - Watch more free videos


dammit hacksaw

My return to San Diego has been pretty Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton free. That has now changed. He was on 1090 all week, and now he pens a column for SDNN. It is predictably awful.
Brian Giles has become a popular whipping boy.  His $9 million deal and the $2 million trade kicker has limited his ability to be shopped.  So has his no trade clause.  He did hit .309 last year, though he is batting in the .190s this year.  Why beat him up? 
Probably because he makes $9 million and is hitting in the .190's. And he (allegedly) beat his pregnant girlfriend. Why beat him up? Very sensitive, Hacksaw.
Darren Balsley is developing quite a reputation for curing pitchers woes.  Kevin Correia, a bust with the Giants, has gone 4-1 with a 2.41 ERA (39 Ks, 3 walks) in 33 innings. Chad Gaudin is 2-1 with a 2.14 ERA (28 Ks in 21 innings) in recent starts.  Not a bad job by Padres pitching coach Balsley, a former gas station attendant in Poway.  Wonder if other teams are taking notes.
Hmmm. I wonder. Let's see the Padres team ERA (4.63) ranks 25th in the league. Gaudin's "recent" ERA may be 2.14, but he is 4-6 with an actual ERA of 4.97. Correa's actual record is 5-6 with a 4.58 ERA. I'm sure other teams are beating a path to his door. FTR, I'm not saying Balsley sucks, it's just ridiculous to insinuate he's performing any miracles.
Phil Nevin, who resurrected his career with the Padres after failing as a first-round pick with the Angels, is managing the Orange County Flyers in the Golden League.  He’s hoping to learn quickly to start a second career.  He was a grinder with the Padres.  Wonder if he grinds on his players? 
Do you? Does the thought of Nevin grinding player's keep you up at night? Do you also wonder if Arci Cianfrocco gives lapdances?
LaDainian Tomlinson is no longer held in high regard by football people around the nation.  Four different injuries in four Chargers seasons.  He is not even rated in the top 50 players by CBS Sportsline.  They had DeAngelo Williams (Carolina), with two good seasons and Michael Turner (Atlanta) with one good season, ranked ahead of Tomlinson at running back.  Honorable mention status was given to Brian Westbrook (Eagles) and Steven Jackson (Rams), both productive.  Are any of those guys mentioned as Hall of Fame candidates?  Tomlinson has 17,000 all purpose yards and 141 TDs.  How dare they diss him?  What LT-BS. What garbage.

what does gmail know about me that i don't?

You know how gmail scans your email for keywords on which to personalize the advertising on the gmail screen?

Well, what in the hell did I type do deserve this?

Semen tanks? Frozen Semen? WHAT THE CHRIST???

and the rockets' red glare, the balls bursting in air


propagandhi - how to clean a couple o' things (1993 fat wreck)

One of the titans of 90's political punk. I'm one of those guys that prefers the poppier sound of early Propagandhi to the more serious, hardcore turn they took when John Sampson left to form The Weakerthans. I still like the new stuff, just not as much as the old stuff, although the new album Supporting Caste, does have a few nods towards the old sound.
The B side of this is a nice little patriotic ditty to play for you friends ansd family on the Fourth Of July.
  1. Pigs Will Pay
  2. Stick The Fucking Flag Up Your Goddamn Ass You Sonofabitch
band site




choking victim - crack rock steady (1994 non-commercial)

I guess this would technically be called ska-punk, but make no mistake, you will never ever ever confuse Choking Victim with Reel Big Fish.  This is ska-punk for da punx.
Choking Victim would pretty much evolve into Leftover Crack and INDK.
  1. Choking Victim
  2. You Ought To Die
  3. Money
  4. Apple Pie & Police State