CSPAN: Must See TV

Shit is going OFF tonight.

Man, I don't watch C-SPAN on a regular basis, but I saw just saw the most disgusting debate I've ever seen. Here are the Republican arguments:

1. The Iraqi War is just like World War II.
2. ANY mention of withdrawing troops "emboldens the enemy".
3. Al-Jazeera is Al-Queda.
4. If you repeat "cut and run" enough times, the opposition will shut up.
5. It's "debatable" which resolution is on the floor.
6. Not having a strategy is better than having a strategy.
7. Staffers can write e-mails pretending to be a soldier.
8. Soldiers want to keep fighting in Iraq for as long as possible.

Fucking idiotic. I thought Murtha made a lot of sense, but in all honesty, I wish some time would have beed ceded to a Democratic firebrand.
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