The Super Bore

I think I may be done with the Super Bowl forever (unless, of course, the Chargers ever make it). The Super Bowl has jumped the shark. Just like the phrase "jump the shark" has jumped the shark.

The whole two week buildup, the stories (did you know Jerome Bettis is from Detroit?), reliving memories of Super Bowls past, all that shit, I'm simply done with it. There's too much of it, and the cheesy factor has been racheted up to unbelievable levels. I've gone out of my way for the last two weeks to avoid Super Bowl hype, yet still it got through. And for what? A boring game with two teams I'm pretty ambivilent about. That shit happens, it's football. The thing I can't understand is the commercials.

What the fuck happened? I will admit that I was kinda looking forward to them. By the end of the first half, I was thinking maybe they were waiting to show the "good" ones in the second half. No such luck. And I'm not the sort who needs semi-nude women wrestling (though it doesn't hurt) or horses farting to be entertained. Just bring me the funny. Yet no funny was broughten.

The game sucked.

The commercials sucked.

Lucky for me, spring training is but a month away. Go Padres!
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