Isaiah Thomas, coach of the New York Knicks, was upset with his team. So he threw them all out of practice.
A desperate Isiah Thomas kicked his entire team out of practice Monday. The Knicks' embattled coach was unhappy with their work habits.... According to a source close to the team, Thomas tossed his players off the court at their practice facility in Greenburgh after he became frustrated with their lack of hustle and focus. The players eventually returned but not until Thomas had made his point. It is unclear if the assistant coaches ran the workout, but the players were in a somber mood when practice ended.
Ah, brings back memories of my (allegedly) athletic days. The year was 198....fuck....7? 8? I don't know. All I know is it was sophomore year, and I was on the JV baseball team for the might Tigers of Lemoore High. We sucked, and we knew it, so we didn't take things as seriously as our coach probably wanted us to.

Well, one day, we are about to start practice, and our coach notices that one of our players is wearing a golf visor instead of a baseball hat and another is wearing ankle socks with stirrups. Yes ankle sock with stirrups. Coach fucking loses it. A bat goes flying and he tells us all to get the hell out of there. Practice canceled.

So we're in the locker room, shamed. A group of guys realizes what has happened and a discussions starts. "Hey guys, let's go out there and practice on our own. Show coach that we are serious."

Me, Mark, and a couple of other guys look at each other. Yes, indeed, this would be the perfect opportunity to show coach we care.

So we responded, "Fuck that. Coach said go home, so we're going home."

The Knicks are pussies for going back to practice.
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