baja brothers grill - la mesa

Newish joint in La Mesa. I can't remember the name of the place it replaced, but it served some of the worst food I've ever eaten, so good riddance.

Baja Brothers is much better. Threw me off that some white guys are doing the cooking, but they do it well so no problemo.

I ordered the California burrito. The carne asada is more like barbacoa than your traditional taco shop carne asada. But everything tasted really good. The beef, although not was I am used to, was especially moist.

My first couple of times at Baja Brothers were good, not great, but the place was so dead that I was a bit worried about its survival. But it has been a few months now, the food has gotten better, and, at least on this Saturday, there was a steady stream of customers. So hopefully they will stick around, cuz the dining options in East County are painfully weak.
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