but it's early #padres

Padres again tied for worst start in franchise history.

I've about had it with the "it's early" bullcrap. Less than a month in, we're 8 games back, and there's no light at the end of the tunnel. All a non-Padre fan needs to know: we came into the season with Edinson freaking Volquez as our number one. That's all you need to know. Keep talking about the end of last year and forgetting the beginning of it (don't forget we had to clean house with Orlando Hudson and Jason Bartlett before the ship was righted). Unless some drastic moves happen now (year four of the Kyle-Blanks-is-the-future experiment does not count), seasons done, folks. We'll put some streaks together. Show promise. But we're not climbing out of this hole. We did virtually nothing in the off season, and here we are. Yet Josh Byrnes will get the benefit of the doubt because, uh, he's young? It would also be nice to have some dedicated position players and not keep plugging infielders in the outfield, third basemen to second base, and shitty pitchers and starting pitchers.

Also, reverse psychology is a thing. Go Pads!

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