colbert is god

So, I'm drying my eyes right now, having just watched the last episode of The Colbert Report. Yeah, I'm kind of a wuss. I'm actually proud I made it halfway through the show before breaking down.

I've written before how David Letterman was basically my therapy during my teens and twenties, being nearly the sole constant source of happiness and stability during a decade of unhappiness  and instability. But for the last nine years, Steven Colbert has been my therapy. The difference being while the Letterman years were mired in sadness (death, death, and more death), the Colbert years have been marked by a whole different type of instability - the positive kind (finding a career path, getting married, having a kid, buying a house). Positive stress, but stress nonetheless. Colbert helped get me through it, and for that I am thankful.

Waking my wife up with my lol'ing over the past few years had two root causes - Steven Colbert and Kenny Fucking Powers. Both will be missed, but not for long in Colbert's case. I do look forward to him taking over The Late Show. He was the perfect choice and I was elated when it was announced. But it will be different. The character of "Steven Colbert" may be the greatest piece of satire there has ever been.  The real Steven Colbert has quite an act to follow.

Below is the all-time greatest Colbert performance, which wasn't even on the show, followed by my favorite clip from the show.

Aw shucky ducky. Thank you, Steven.


utter crap

I don't remember when I made this comp. Must have been 2003 or so. There is no theme. Just a collection of songs I like.

01 - Hefner  -  Hello Kitten
02 - Kent 3  -  11th St. Wipeout
03 - Country Teasers  -  Thank you god for making me an angel
04 - Fall-Outs  -  Think Of Something Else
05 - Piebald  -  David Lee Rock
06 - 50 Million  -  The Alien and the Robot
07 - Radon  -  Grandma's Cootie
08 - Receivers  -  Disguised
09 - Muffs  -  Rock&Roll Girl
10 - Bomb Bassets  -  Please Don't Die
11 - Yah Mo's  -  Off Yr Parents
12 - New Bomb Turks  -  Sharpen-up Time
13 - Grey Matter  -  Fill a Void
14 - Wesley Willis  -  Termites Ate My House Up
15 - Dillinger Four  -  He's a Shithead
16 - Drags  -  Conspiracy
17 - Everready  -  I Hate You
18 - Fitz Of Depression  -  Time To Leave
19 - Burning Kitchen  -  Easy Solution
20 - Supernova  -  Hippy
21 - Atom & His Package  -  Shopping Spree
22 - Gain  -  Just Right
23 - Partisans  -  No Time
24 - Electric Summer  -  Golden Dogs
25 - Dr. Frank  -  She Turned Out To Be Crazy
26 - Yobs  -  Gloria
27 - Randy  -  Summer of Bros
28 - Fay Wray  -  Ass Riding Friar
29 - Franklin  -  Major Taylor
30 - Luckie Strike  -  New Dress
31 - Hives  -  Ramanda
32 - J Church  -  My Favorite Place
33 - Fondled  -  Cotton Candy
34 - Angry Samoans  -  My Old Man's A Fatso
35 - Loli & The Chones  -  You're So Cool
36 - Blatz  -  Learning How To Smile
37 - Groovie Ghoulies  -  Ivy Says
38 - Zeke  -  Eyes Of Satan


dem bones

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I’m at Liberty Station, parked, while Finley sleeps before we hot the playground. There is some sort of cancer walk going on. I think. I see Relay for Life signs everywhere. But I also see a lot of flags and there’s a generally Tea Party vibe. The playlist on the PA while I’ve been here:

Party in the USA

They’re Coming to America

Good Bless the USA

Some country song with “American Girl” in the chorus

Some Creed-ish song with “American” in the chorus

ROCK in the USA

Good Bless America

Another country song, something about American honey”

Another country song, ugh, “born in the USA, trucks stops, etc”

Born in the USA (oh the irony)

American Bandstand

Surfin’ USA

They are also selling bacon dogs, which seems like an odd choice for a cancer walk.

I’m not really sure what’s going on. Is this like an “only cure American Cancer” type thing?

are you siriusxm?

are you siriusxm?:

No punk channel (don’t EVEN mention Faction - a couple of hours a week it’s okay, the rest is 311 bullcrap and some Australian brah prattling on and on) but a Pittbull channel? Yeah, life is fair.


ragady anne - s/t ep (reup)

Hey, only a year and a half later, Oliver from Germany.

Original post here.

New dl link here.


audio jihad, vol 1 (2001)

Obviously, these mix CD's were not carefully curated. They were just slapped together randomly. No real rhyme or reason. You have to understand - this was before iPods and iTunes and Spotifies and Google Play Musics and RDIO's and Groovesharks and Pandoras. The point wasn't to come up with a perfect mixtape of hair metal power ballads to show that girl you like that you do have a sensitive side, not that I ever did that or anything, but simply to cram together a bunch of songs I liked so I could listen to them in the car without lugging around a suitcase of CD's. That gets you something like this. Just picking shit at random. Hardcore, pop-punk, garage, whatev.

Also, I never even liked Boy Sets Fire, so I have no idea why they keep popping up on these. Weird.

Lastly, the name of the comp. Cringe. So bad. So, so bad. And waaay too soon. I apologize to everyone. And yes, there's a volume 2. Egads.

01 - Action Patrol  -  P.C.A
02 - Airbomb  -  Turn it Off
03 - Boy Sets Fire  -  After the Eulogy
04 - Big Wig  -  Your In Sample
05 - Breaker Breaker  -  Forgot The Words
06 - Briefs  -  Knife
07 - Carbona  -  Norma Jean
08 - Cops & Robbers  -  Martyr Complex
09 - Dead Serious  -  Delaware Hall
10 - DS-13  -  I Am The Bastard
11 - Fall Silent  -  Sometimes
12 - Fay Wray  -  South of Florida
13 - Fireside  -  Headacher
14 - Fuckface  -  With Friends Like These
15 - Gamits  -  All Wicked
16 - 4-Skins  -  A.C.A.B.
17 - Goober Patrol  -  Over the Wall
18 - GrandPrixx  -  Wish I Could Say
19 - ESL  -  Land of the Free
20 - Grey Matter  -  Fill a Void
21 - Grover  -  Front Door
22 - Pinhead Circus  -  Six Down
23 - Loudmouths  -  Pornstar
24 - Heresy  -  Release
25 - Hickey  -  Stupid Sun
26 - Abominable Snowband  -  I Like Warball
27 - Hives  -  The Stomp
28 - Hope Conspiracy  -  Escapist
29 - In Control  -  Give Me Some Reality
30 - Intense Degree  -  I've Got a Cure
31 - Joe 90  -  Sophism
32 - Kent 3  -  Satellite
33 - Cletus  -  Here Comes Your Mom
34 - Karp  -  Get No Toys (When You Pay the Money)