Shoegazer - If Combination Wins (1994 Fidotrust)

I'm on record as naming Shoegazer's Intoxicated Birthday Lies (1997) as the best 90's album you've never heard of, and I stand by that assessment. This sophomore 7" from 1994, however, is not that great, kinda of bad, even (though the last half of "Windblower" is kinda rad). However, this is a great document to show how a young raw band can find it's sea legs and voice and do something amazing in a few short years.

1. Open Your Window
2. Windblower




This New Yorker Article. Holy crap. I know the NRA has a ton of influence over politicians, but I had no idea it could be this explicit. This is crazy. Just one example:
[NRA lobbyist Marion] Hammer reprimanded Cunningham for making a change to the legislation. “We need the bill to continue to say that asking the question is a violation of privacy rights,” Hammer wrote. “You are changing the whole thrust of the bill by gratuitously removing language that is important to purpose of the bill. Please, put the first section back as it was and amend it as I suggested.” ... Cunningham was contrite. “Believe me—I had no intent to change the thrust of anything,” she replied, adding, “See attached and let me know if that’ll work.”
Read the whole thing. Republican politicians in Florida may be the biggest cucks of them all.


Drain Bramaged - Was Here (1994 Lethal)

Textbook mid-90's SoCal fastbro punk rock.  In the vein of All Day, Das Klown, White Kaps, etc. "Hangover" is the standout track here.

  1. Big Man
  2. Fuck You
  3. Hangover
  4. Open Your Eyes

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Battle of the Sketch Show Bands

1. Titannica


 2. Sloppy Secondz


 3. Wicked Scepter

Who ya got?



Michael Wolff writes a book questioning the intelligence and intellectual curiosity of the President, so the President responds by scheduling an immigration dog and pony show, open to the press, to show how smart and engaged he is. He then proceeds to confirm everything the Wolff book says for all to see. Stable genius!

Wolff says that Trump basically just agrees with the last person he talks to. So he agrees with Dianne Feinstein on a clean DACA bill and then 10 seconds later with Kevin McCarthy against a clean DACA bill. This simply confirms what we've known, but it's good to have it documented on camera.

Wolff says that Trump is bored by details and policy. Trump never discusses any sort of specifics during the meeting, and then says loudly and clearly that he'll just sign whatever they decide. Again, not surprising, but good to see it play out so clearly in public.

On a related note, why do we accept as valid this notion that "DACA has to be tied to border security"? Feinstein was almost able to Jedi mind trick Trump into a clean DACA bill. But the DACA + border security chorus immediately spoke up.

I thought we collectively agreed that earmarks were a bad idea? All bills should be clean bills! The way I see it, tying two independent issues like this together is just a macro-level earmark. You want a bill on border security? Draft it and vote on it. Do your job. Instead, and I see no other way to frame this, Republicans want to use people's lives as bargaining chips to get what they want. It's immoral.


400 Blows - The Average Guy / No One Can Erase This (2004 Buddyhead)

One of my favorite bands. Three piece with no bassist. A guitarist and drummer so good you'll never miss it.  These songs are on "Angel's Trumpets and Devil's Trombones" but not these versions.

  1. The Average Guy
  2. No One Can Erase This

DL The Average Guy
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Reina Aveja - Bee Complex (1998 Probe)

Some serious Melvins worship from these four Gainesville women. Listening to this, it's hard to imagine that it has anything to do with Less Than Jake, and yet Reina Aveja features the multi-talented Jessica Mills, their original saxophonist. Also features members of Squat, who I thought were a Bay Area band but maybe not?

  1. Sick Sick Sick
  2. O.B.B.
  3. Sassy

DL Bee Complex
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Crispus Attucks / De Nada Split EP (2001 Vendetta)

Screamy hardcore on both sides of this. Crispus Attucks is another band who I don't believe ever got their due. I saw them open for Scholastic Deth at the Che and immediately bought everything from them I could. Per the liner notes, this was supposed to be a split with Voorhees, but when that fell through, they ended up including some unreleased tracks from the defunct De Nada.

  1. Crispus Attucks - Insurrectos
  2. Crispus Attucks - Kapitalismo! (It's For The Kids! Pt 1)
  3. Crispus Attucks - In Xochitl In Cuicatl
  4. Crispus Attucks - New Slavery II
  5. De Nada - Secret Breast Enhancers
  6. De Nada - Car Problems
  7. De Nada - The Power Of The Phoenix Told Me To Fly On, Brother... Fly On!
  8. De Nada - Your'e Ugly Pt II
  9. De Nada - D.C. United Vs Columbus Crew