The Chargers win, and I take full credit

Here I was blaming the coaching, the players, and any other convienebt scapegoat for the Chargers miserable start, when all along I was the problem.

See, the first game of the season, I was in Reno, and didn't really think about what I was gonna wear when I packed, so I ended up wearing some shirt of a band I liked while I watched the Chargers play. They won that game.

But for the next three weeks, when I watched the Chargers play, I wore a Chargers shirt to show my support. The result was three Chargers losses. And when I think to last year...was I wearing a Chargers shirt during last years playoff game against New England? Why, I do believe I was! I now realize that wearing your team's shirt while you watch them play is as big a faux paux as going to a Concert and wearing the shirt of the band you're going to see. You just don't do it.

So yesterday I abandoned the Chargers shirt in favor of a plain old tee. The result? 41-3 Chargers.

If you doubt my theory, it holds true for Fresno State as well. Three wins when I don't wear a Fresno State shirt, two losses when I did.

So, San Diego, I look forward to you going the rest of the year undefeated, culminating in your first Super Bowl victory. You won't need to acknowledge me, but we'll both know deep inside who deserves the credit.
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