Squeeze Inn

It's not such a secret spot anymore, not with the freaking Food Network featuring it, but still not enough people know about the Squeeze Inn.

I'm a firm believer that the residents of the greater Sacramento area tend to overhype local establishments, but the Squeeze Inn is all that is promised and more.

In 2002, The Sacramento News and Review's Best Of issue listed the top 3 burgers as Nationwide, Squeeze Inn, and Ford's. So, being a fat-ass cheeseburger fanatic, I decided to take a Sacramento cheeseburger tour. Nationwide and Ford's were definitely good burgers, but the Squeezeburger was far and away the best burger I have ever had. I mean a cheese "skirt" of fried, sorta burnt cheese? That my friend, is what they serve in heaven.

I went Monday, and had to share:

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