colavision - joan of arcwelding (1993 mutant renegade / rinso)

This may be a stretch, but to me, 3/4 of this sounds sounds like Doc Corbin Dart from the Crucifucks singing for a slowed down Fat Day. Ah, the Midwest (Colavision were from Dayton, OH). The other 1/4 "Johnny Walks On The Right" sounds not like that at all, in fact sounds like a punk rock version of Cuts Like A Knife-era Bryan Adams. Weird. I fucking love the song "Ford".

And yeah, that's a custom made aluminum foil cover.

Rad stuff. You can read more about Colavison at I Remember Dayton (I ripped my own copy - didn't swipe theirs).

  1. Problem #11
  2. Ford
  3. Johnny Walks On The Right
  4. No Damn Cat, No Damn Cradle

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