muhammadali (awesomefest)

So, Bar Eleven has their own food truck. I was enjoying an awesome grilled pepper sandwich from it when lo and behold, I strike up a brief conversation with Davey Tiltwheel. I ask him who's the one band I have to see. "Muhammadali" he says. So I do.

I've mentioned it before, but most of the bands playing Awesomefest are easily labled pop-punk. There are really only a few exceptions, and Muhammadali was one of them. I couldn't quite place them, then it hit me: These guys worship Hickey (my favorite band, if you haven't been paying attention)! I bought all of the stuff they were selling, but this song wasn't on anything I bought (they do reference it as a "new one").

They just released a record on Dirt Cult Records (apparently after dude who runs the label saw this exact show), so maybe it's on that (even though the cover art looks just like one of the cd's I bought). Anywho, here's your new favorite band:

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