flippity floppity

When Stephen Colbert gave his speech to the  White House Correspondents' Association Dinner back in 2006 , one of his funniest lines was, referring to the stubborn nature of George Bush, "Events can change; this man's beliefs never will. He believes the same thing Wednesday as he did Monday. No matter what happened Tuesday."

It was funny because it was so true. It doesn't really matter what actually happens in the world, once Bush's mind is made up, that's the way things gon' be, facts be damned. And I thought we rational-minded people agreed that was a stupid way to run the country. But I thought wrong. All it takes is for Obama to utter the word "refine" for the right to holler "flip flop!" and for the left to start wigging out out and whining about being betrayed. By all the outrage, you'd think that Obama actually changed his position or something.

/pulling out hair

The whole concept of the "flip flop" has dumbed politics down more than just about anything else over the past few years. We say we don't like Bush's way, but refuse to give anyone an inch of leeway.
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