no reprieve

The Chargers comeback today should in no way, shape or form save Norv Turner's job. That's twice this year we've gotten lucky against the Chiefs, one of the worst teams in the league. Norv, for all his supposed offensive genius, has neutered what should be a prolific offense with his questionable play calling.

Here's Norv Turner in a nutshell.

Faced with a 1st and 20 in the first quarter, Norv calls at LT run that gets a whopping 1 yard. On 2nd and 19, a wide receiver screen for no gain. On 3rd and 19, and a running back screen for 6 yards. Punt.

Inspired play calling, I tell ya.

That is enough to make my blood boil on 1st and 10, much less 1st and 20.

San Diego won despite Norv Turner. Dude needs to go, the sooner the better.
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