pop sicko

So last night,  we were going out to dinner,  and I asked my two-and-a-half year old daughter if she wanted barbecue. She got really, really excited and responded with an enthusiastic "yes".  This was odd to me, as I was unaware that she was familiar with the concept of barbecue. So,  we get in line at Phil's BBQ,  a very popular bbq joint,  and she proceeds to completely melt down, screaming that she wanted barbecue.  We tried to explain to her that we needed to wait in line to order, and that we would have barbecue very soon.  This did not help.  But over the course of her epic meltdown,  the word "barbecue" began to evolve,  and by the time we sat down it had become "popsicle". All this time she thought we were going to get a frigging popsicle.  Obviously there was a 7-11 popsicle run afterwards,  where mommy and daddy may or may not have splurged on some Haagen Daaz to soothe their frazzled nerves.

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