the kid goes crazy

Big shock - Hair Metal lyrics are among the ridiculous human contributions to the universe. But even among those low standards, sometimes I come across something that makes me go to sing365 and verify that the stupidity I just heard was correct.

It just happened. Sometimes I will revisit some of the albums that shaped my small-town metal youth. So on goes some Y&T. Contagious (1987) has ridiculous lyrics throughout, but one song is just the filet of ridiculous lyrics: "The Kid Goes Crazy".  And within that filet there is a sub-filet, a lyric that stopped me cold and demanded immediate blogging:
My hair is long
I got my red Reeboks on
Oh yeah, I'm lookin' pretty cool
Ok, you have long hair. That's pretty cool I guess. But, and maybe I'm getting old and don't remember a particular late 80's fashion fad, but red Reeboks? Was that a thing? That wasn't a thing, right? Unless you were a member of the Atlanta Hawks in the middle of a game or were Sammy Hagar, there's no way I would have ever seen someone with red Reeboks (or any other athletic shoe) and thought, "That dude? Yeah, he's lookin' pretty cool". You are Dave Menaketti:

You could have mentioned your sweet curls, your leather vest, or your leather pants. But you chose your red Reeboks. C'mon, man.

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