I’m at Liberty Station, parked, while Finley sleeps before we hot the playground. There is some sort of cancer walk going on. I think. I see Relay for Life signs everywhere. But I also see a lot of flags and there’s a generally Tea Party vibe. The playlist on the PA while I’ve been here:

Party in the USA

They’re Coming to America

Good Bless the USA

Some country song with “American Girl” in the chorus

Some Creed-ish song with “American” in the chorus

ROCK in the USA

Good Bless America

Another country song, something about American honey”

Another country song, ugh, “born in the USA, trucks stops, etc”

Born in the USA (oh the irony)

American Bandstand

Surfin’ USA

They are also selling bacon dogs, which seems like an odd choice for a cancer walk.

I’m not really sure what’s going on. Is this like an “only cure American Cancer” type thing?

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