colbert is god

So, I'm drying my eyes right now, having just watched the last episode of The Colbert Report. Yeah, I'm kind of a wuss. I'm actually proud I made it halfway through the show before breaking down.

I've written before how David Letterman was basically my therapy during my teens and twenties, being nearly the sole constant source of happiness and stability during a decade of unhappiness  and instability. But for the last nine years, Steven Colbert has been my therapy. The difference being while the Letterman years were mired in sadness (death, death, and more death), the Colbert years have been marked by a whole different type of instability - the positive kind (finding a career path, getting married, having a kid, buying a house). Positive stress, but stress nonetheless. Colbert helped get me through it, and for that I am thankful.

Waking my wife up with my lol'ing over the past few years had two root causes - Steven Colbert and Kenny Fucking Powers. Both will be missed, but not for long in Colbert's case. I do look forward to him taking over The Late Show. He was the perfect choice and I was elated when it was announced. But it will be different. The character of "Steven Colbert" may be the greatest piece of satire there has ever been.  The real Steven Colbert has quite an act to follow.

Below is the all-time greatest Colbert performance, which wasn't even on the show, followed by my favorite clip from the show.

Aw shucky ducky. Thank you, Steven.

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