losers of the year

When I was a wee lad, I was into KISS in a big way. Completely inappropriate for my age, but it was the 70's, and that's just they way we rolled. My big sis would sometimes get her kicks by mocking them and getting me all riled up. I remember her citing a poll in Tiger Beat or something naming KISS the worst band in the world. I was fuming. And for a looooooooong time, she had me convinced that the lyric in "Surrender" was "threw my KISS records out" instead of "got my KISS records out". I don't know why this would have made a difference in the context of the song, but she insinuated it was a bad thing, as I was completely unaware of context. I only knew KISS records were being thrown out, and that was a travesty. I was too young and dumb to use her Leif Garrett obsession to retaliate, so I just stewed.

Anyways, I mention all this because I recently heard "Surrender" and it's awesome and they liked KISS and Leif Garrett sucks.

Love you, sis!

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