Why is They?

For some unknown reason, Fox Sports San Diego likes to air, on TV, a replay of one of our horrible radio sports talk shows.  They often air it after a Padres game, so if you're like me and doodling on your phone or tablet, you end up unwittingly exposed to this garbage. So tonight it's on, and before I can change the channel I realize they are talking about Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco played the Chargers in San Diego tonight). One of the hosts, Steve Hartman - Ted Cruz lookalike and for decades one of the worst sports talk hosts in San Diegon - makes a statement disguised as a question: If Kaepernick plays terrible tonight in San Diego (he did not, btw), does that hurt his message?


It may be the most San Diego Sports Talk takes of all San Diego Sports talk takes. In a year where Donald Trump is running for president, this may be the stupidest thing I've heard all year.

But that's not even why I decided to post after a two month absence.

As I'm trying to process what I've just heard, this is what is on the screen:

That can't be right, right? Is that acceptable use of "is"? I always take a hard stand on this sort of thing only to be proven wrong. Like, I used to think the plural of "fish" was "fish" and anyone who said "fishes" was obviously a moron. Turns out I was mistaken. I was indignant enough about this to write this post, but now I'm having doubts. Can someone please confirm that Fox Sports San Diego is are the morons and not me I me I? MOOSEN.

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