the droids - moja kochana mamusia marysia mania (1996 beer city)

I first heard Wisconsin's The Droids back in '95 or '96 on a split with Boris The Sprinkler. I loved their side of the 7", but for whatever reason I never sought out anything else by them. Cut to 2009, I'm perusing used records at M-Theory, and lookie what I found. Took it home, listened to it, and my thoughts that The Droids may have been one of the more overlooked bands of the 90's punk scene was immediately confirmed. Kicking myself, as I could have been listening to this for the last 13 years if I wasn't such a lazy punk fan. Better late than never, I s'pose. They are to Poland what the Dropkick Murphy's are to Ireland. Except The Droids don't suck.
  1. The Number For
  2. Social Dog
  3. One Million Specs
  4. 6" Bobbitt
  5. Level 4

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