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I get that Senate Republicans are in full-on "oppose Obama at any cost" mode, and thus have banded together to filibuster Financial Reform. What I'm not so sure about is, do normal everyday Republicans really support this filibuster? Really? On what grounds (besides the tired SOCIALCOMMUNAZISIM!! refrain)? I simply can't imagine that anyone besides those in the financial industry would be against closing the loopholes and ending the practices that led to our current mess. If this, protecting Goldman Sachs et al, is the issue Republicans want to make their stand on, well, then they are even dumber than I thought. 

There's really not much to compromise on the issue. Obama should cede nothing. If the Republican filibuster works, fine. They will win that short term war, but in the court of public opinion....sheesh. They'll will be on record (once again!) for fighting for unethical greed and institutional corruption.
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